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“Please don’t tell my doctor I had a heart scan!”

I overheard this recent conversation between a CT technologist and a 53-year old woman (who I’ll call Joan) who just had a scan at a heart scan center: CT Tech: It appears to me that you have a moderate quantity … Continue reading

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Doctor, why do I have heart disease?

I see a great many people in my practice who come for a 2nd opinion regarding their coronary disease. When I ask patients whether they ever asked their primary doctor or cardiologist why they have heart disease in the first … Continue reading

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Pill pushers

Have you read the latest cover story from Forbes magazine? It’s entitled “Pill Pushers: How the drug industry abandoned science for salesmanship”. It’s great reading. (A condensed version is available at the website: They require you to provide … Continue reading

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Heart disease reversal is getting easier and easier

I’ve recently observed that more and more of our patients on the Track Your Plaque program seem to be stopping or reducing their heart scan scores. And they’re doing it faster, in less time, and with larger drops in score. … Continue reading

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A used car lot on every street corner

Imagine that, every day, a parade of used-car salesmen knock on your front door to sell you a special “deal”. Day in, day out they knock, expecting you to hear about their offers openly. Is there any doubt about their … Continue reading

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Heart disease reversal at age 77

I met Agnes 18 months ago after she underwent a heart scan that revealed a scary score of over 1100. Although in her mid-70s, this was still a very high score. (Recall that a score this high carries a risk … Continue reading

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If you need a reason to quit smoking…

If you’ve read Track Your Plaque, you already know my feelings about smoking and coronary plaque. Smoke, and you will lose the battle for control over coronary plaque growth–it will grow and grow until catastrophe strikes. Nonetheless, this is not … Continue reading

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Vitamin D for winter blues?

Winter is now over and spring is in the air, even in Wisconsin. In this part of the country, winter blues are commonplace. Sometimes called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) when it’s severe enough to cause functional impairment, feelings of fatigue, … Continue reading

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$4 per gallon gas is good for your health!

Gasoline is now approaching $4 per gallon in some parts of the U.S. But there’s a silver lining in this dark cloud. In fact, I see this as a positive for your health. How can higher gas prices possbily be … Continue reading

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Another Ornish casualty

Barry’s lipoproteins were nearly all corrected to perfection: LDL 64 mg, HDL 57 mg, triglycerides 45 mg. He was approaching the Track Your Plaque goal of 60/60/60, the levels we find tip the scales heavily in your favor for achieving … Continue reading

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