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Winning Through Intimidation

Do you remember the book, Winning Through Intimidation by author Robert J. Ringer? In his 1984 bestseller, author Ringer details how to succeed in business by overwhelming clients and competition by appearing hugely successful and powerful. Rather than a business … Continue reading

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Can natural treatments “cure” or “treat” any disease?

According to current FDA policy, the answer is a flat “NO!” No natural treatment, whether it be fish oil (as a nutritional supplement), l-arginine, vitamin D, magnesium, various flavonoids like theaflavin or resveratrol, can be declared to treat or cure … Continue reading

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Can procedures alone keep you alive?

My days in the hospital remind me of what heart disease can be like when no preventive efforts are taken–what it used to be like even with my patients before taking a vigorous approach to prevention (though over 12 years … Continue reading

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Support your local hospital: HAVE A HEART ATTACK!

I’m kidding, of course. But, in your hospital’s secret agenda, that’s not too far from the truth. Catastrophes lead to hospital procedures, which then yields major revenues. Prevention, on the other hand, yields nothing for your hospital. No $8,000 to … Continue reading

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Hospitals contain experts in ILLNESS

Hospitals contain many experts in sickness. This seems obvious. But walk down the hallways of any hospital, and you’ll quickly be convinced that hospitals contain almost no experts in health. People (hospital staff, that is, not the patients) in hospitals … Continue reading

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Are there still unexplored causes of heart disease?

I met a woman today. She had her first heart attack at age 37. She just had her 2nd heart attack this morning, at age 40. Several issues are surprising about her story. First, she’s pre-menopausal. Heart attacks before menopause … Continue reading

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Everything causes heart attack!

The media are presently gushing about a recent study that associates caffeine intake with heart attack. CBS News: That cup of coffee you’re craving might not be such a good idea. Research in the September issue of Epidemiology suggests coffee … Continue reading

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Excessive Heart Procedures Makes New York Times Headline

One example of flagrant cardiac procedure excess has made New York Times headlines: Heart Procedure Is Off the Charts in an Ohio City The number of angioplasties performed in Elyria is so high that Medicare is starting to ask questions. … Continue reading

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More on “Bio-identical hormones” and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

In October 2005, Wyeth petitioned the FDA, requesting that it completely ban the bioidentical alternatives that women have been using in ever-increasing numbers to achieve optimal hormone balance. With bioidentical replacement therapy clearly reducing its market share, Wyeth asked the … Continue reading

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How accurate is LDL cholesterol?

Watch TV and you’d get the impression that the world revolves around LDL cholesterol: Commercials for Lipitor, Zetia, Vytorin, etc., all drugs to reduce cholesterol (total and LDL). Your doctor looks first and often only at LDL cholesterol. If there’s … Continue reading

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