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Prevention: Bad news in bits and pieces

Jan clearly did not want to talk about her heart scan. Her score of 502 came as a shock to her. After all, she’d survived breast cancer just a year earlier, having been through dozens of radiation treatments, chemotherapy, not … Continue reading

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A second chance

Stewart had a CT heart scan in 2004. Score: 475. As always in the Track Your Plaque program, Stewart had his lipoproteins assessed. Among his patterns were LDL 157 mg/dl, severe small LDL, and the (post-prandial, or after-eating) IDL. Stewart … Continue reading

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Are you a skinny fat person?

AT 186 lbs. and 5 feet 10 inches, Doug did not regard himself as overweight. Sure, he had a little extra “love handles”, a small bulge in the belly and a waist of 34 inches. But he was by no … Continue reading

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Heart disease “reversal” gives health a bad name

Put the search phrase “reverse heart disease” into your internet search engine, and you’ll uncover an astonishing range of sites, all making extravagant promises. The treatment programs offered range from the bizarre (colonic irrigation, magnetism, etc.), to centers using conventional … Continue reading

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Trans fats to be banned

Sometimes good may come from legislation. The City of New York is contemplating a ban on trans-fat use by restaurants, bakeries, and other food establishments in preparation of their foods. (Trans-fats are also known as hydrogenated fats.) At this point, … Continue reading

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Back to basics!

Harold is energetic and highly motivated. His heart scan score of 997 really threw him for a loop: his view of himself as a healthy, slender, 58-year old clearly needed revision. So Harold set himself on a quest to find … Continue reading

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I don’t care about hard plaque!

I ran into a cardiology colleague this weekend. He was aware of my interest in CT heart scanning and plaque reversal. Out of the blue, he declared “I don’t care about hard plaque! I only care about soft plaque.” He … Continue reading

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Try an experiment in a wheat-free diet

Years back, I’d heard some people argue that wheat-based products were detrimental to health. At the time, I thought they were nuts. After all, wheat is the principal ingredient in a huge number of American staples like breakfast cereals and … Continue reading

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Bigger, faster plaque reversal

Perhaps it’s too early to tell whether it’s true, but believe that we’re seeing coronary plaque reversal–i.e., reduction of CT heart scan score–that is BIGGER and FASTER than ever before. We are now witnessing 20-30% reductions in score, even in … Continue reading

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I need to do more procedures!

I sat next to a cardiology colleague of mine last evening at a dinner. He was lamenting the fact that, because of changes in hospital affiliations of his several-member cardiology group, he’d seen a drop in the volume of heart … Continue reading

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