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Panic in the streets

Several days ago, I wrote about a local prominent judge in my neighborhood who was unexpectedly found dead in bed of a heart attack at age 49. As expected, I’ve received multiple calls from patients and physicians who want heart … Continue reading

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Heart scan curiosities 1

Heart scans often reveal more than coronary plaque. From time to time, I’ll show some curious findings that people have displayed during routine heart scans. This 65-year old man had a relatively low heart scan score of 73, but showed … Continue reading

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Annual physical

A judge who lives in my neighborhood was found dead in his bed this week from a heart attack. He was 49 years old. His teenage kids found him and performed CPR, but he was cold and long-gone by then. … Continue reading

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A curious case of regression

Randi came to me at age 43. Before I’d met her, she’d undergone two heart scans about one year apart. The initial score was 57–not terribly high, but very high for a 41-year old, pre-menopausal female. Recall that rarely do … Continue reading

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Fortune teller

Whenever your doctor uses your cholesterol values–total, LDL, HDL, triglycerides–to judge your heart disease risk, he/she is trying to act as your fortune teller. In some states, fortune telling is illegal, a misdemeanor. The New York State lawbooks say: A … Continue reading

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Heart scan score drops like a stone

Matt was dumbfounded when he found out about his heart scan score of 317 in the summer of 2005. Earlier that year he’d unintentionally lost 20 lbs. in the space of two months and was feeling awful. He was diagnosed … Continue reading

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“You don’t have a uterus. You don’t need progesterone”

I was talking with a hospital nurse recently who told me about her lack of energy, blue moods, and other assorted complaints. At age 49, she was exasperated. So I suggested that she ask her gynecologist about progesterone cream. The … Continue reading

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Take a niacin “vacation”

I’ve been seeing a curious niacin phenomenon that has not, to my knowledge, been reported anywhere in the medical literature. People with lipoprotein(a), or Lp(a), are best treated with niacin, particularly given the relative lack of other effective therapies. I … Continue reading

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When LDL is more than meets the eye

Jerry wanted to know what to do with his LDL cholesterol of 112 mg/dl. “My doctor said that it’s not high but it could be better.” So I asked him what the other numbers on his lipid panel showed. He … Continue reading

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Oil-based vitamin D

As time passes, I gain greater and greater respect for the power of restoring vitamin D blood levels to normal, i.e. 50-70 ng/ml. Just yesterday, I saw several people with blood levels of

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