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Is vitamin D a “vitamin”?

Vitamins are crucial participants in the body’s reactions and are obtainable from food. Vitamin C, for example, comes from citrus fruits and vegetables. Vitamin K comes from green vegetables. The B vitamins are found in meats, soy, dairy products, and … Continue reading

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Heart scan curiosities 3

Note the shape of the chest in this 64-year old man. The front of his chest (upper portion of scan) is concave. In other words, if you were looking at this man (shirtless, of course) face to face, his chest … Continue reading

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The holidays and the end of the year may be a good time to reflect on how grateful we should be for having the freedom to discuss the ideas we share on this Blog, the Track Your Plaque website, online … Continue reading

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A Track Your Plaque failure

We recently had a man suffer a heart attack after beginning the program. Let me tell you the details. Jerry’s heart scan score 781, age 53. Multiple lipoprotein abnormalities: HDL 32 mg/dl, triglycerides 279 mg/dl, nearly all of his LDL … Continue reading

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Are you more like a dog or a rabbit?

Dr. William Roberts, editor of the American Journal of Cardiology and cardiovascular pathologist, is a perennial source of clever ideas on heart disease.In a recent editorial, Dr. Roberts comments: “Because humans get atherosclerosis, and atherosclerosis is a disease only of … Continue reading

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Are happy people more likely to reduce heart scan scores?

I was talking to Darryl, a patient today: 71 years old with a heart scan score of 378, as well as an enlarged aorta (4.5 cm). We had identified numerous lipoprotein abnormalities 12 months ago and advised him on a … Continue reading

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Don’t overdo the vitamin D

As time passes and I advise more and more people to supplement vitamin D, I gain increasing respect for this powerful “vitamin”. I am convinced that vitamin D replacement is the reason for a recent surge in our success rates … Continue reading

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“It must have been the statin”

After four years of trying, Randy finally reduced her heart scan score. It not only dropped, it plummeted. After four previous scans that showed 25% or more increases, she’d finally dropped her score 23%. (I Blogged about Randy’s case a … Continue reading

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Statin Drugs May Help the Healthy:Cholesterol-Lowering Statin Drugs May Benefit People Without Heart Disease That’s the headline on WebMD, reporting the findings of a recent study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine. In reality, it wasn’t really a study … Continue reading

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Heart attack guaranteed

What if you knew for a fact that your risk for heart attack was 100% by, say, age 58? This is indeed true for many people, though at age 60, 65, 70–or 45. In other words, unless something were done … Continue reading

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