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Would you bet your life on chelation?

Hugh’s heart scan score was 1751, an awful score. Recall that, at this level of scoring, Hugh’s heart attack and death risk is 25% per year. Obviously, serious efforts need to be taken. In this situation, much as I despise … Continue reading

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The powerful forces preserving the status quo

An interesting quote from the book, Critical Condition: How health care in American became big business–and bad medicine: Politics and Profits To protect its interests and expand its influence, the health care industrial complex has done what all successful special … Continue reading

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Do stents prevent reversal?

I’ve seen this phenomenon several times now: A highly-motivated Track Your Plaque participant with a stent in one artery will do all the right things–lose weight, achieve 60:60:60 in basic lipids, identify and correct hidden lipoprotein disorders, take fish oil, … Continue reading

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At what score should I have a heart cath?

This question comes up frequently: At what specific heart scan score should a heart catheterization be performed? In other words, is there a specific cut-off that automatically triggers a need for catheterization? In my view, there is no such score. … Continue reading

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Niacin makes NY Times

In the wake of the crash and burn of Pfizer’s torcetrapib, media attention has turned up the miracles of . . .good old niacin. The NY Times carried a well-written report on niacin in its recent report, An Old Cholesterol … Continue reading

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Wheat: the nicotine of food

Yes, we know that wheat contributes to creating small LDL, drops HDL, raises triglycerides, and VLDL. We also know it indirectly slows the clearance of after-eating fats from the blood (curious, I know). Wheat products also increase inflammation (C-reactive protein), … Continue reading

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Good time for a heart attack?

Man Has Heart Attack At Right Place, Right Time If Robert Ricard had picked the wrong restaurant for lunch, he might have died. The 71-year-old Michigan man suffered a heart attack shortly after ordering a glass of wine with friends … Continue reading

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How good is the South Beach Diet?

I’m a fan of the South Beach Diet. Though it is billed as a program for weight loss (for which it is very effective), it is really a program for health. The basic approach of South Beach involves: Eat good … Continue reading

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Be patient with niacin

Mel’s HDL started at 37 mg/dl one year ago. Mel had several other abnormal lipoprotein patterns along with his HDL (inc. small LDL and Lp(a)), but HDL was clearly a crucial factor in his panel. With a heart scan score … Continue reading

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Can vitamin D be a SOLE risk factor?

Here’s a crazy question. It occurred to me as I was talking to Drew, a slender, active 54-year old dentist with no bad habits including no smoking. Drew’s heart scan score was 222. His lipoprotein analysis mostly revealed a lot … Continue reading

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