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Vitamin D and cancer

Although this is a Blog about heart scans and heart disease, I came across a helpful video from Dr. Joseph Mercola about vitamin D and cancer that’s worth viewing. Though I do not agree with many of Dr. Mercola’s on-the-edge … Continue reading

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Lipoprotein(a), menopause, and andropause

Lipoprotein(a) is a curious lipoprotein. Not only is it a genetic pattern with numerous variations, it is also one that shows a predictable age-dependent rise. Women in particular are prone to this effect, men to a lesser degree. As we … Continue reading

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“I have never seen regression”

At a presentation at the American College of Cardiology meetings in New Orleans yesterday (March 27, 2007), Dr. Arthur Agatston declared “I have been doing CT for many years, and I have never seen regression.” Whooooaaaa. Wait a minute here. … Continue reading

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COURAGE to do better

The results of the long-awaited COURAGE Trial were announced today at the American College of Cardiology meetings in New Orleans. In this trial, 2200 participants with stable coronary disease (i.e., not unstable, in which heart attack or death is imminent) … Continue reading

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Value of a zero heart scan score

Margaret is 73. She’s a very good 73. She loves children and works full-time in a daycare. She manages her own household, goes to dinner at least once each week with one or more of her adult children. She is … Continue reading

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You’re at the cutting edge

If you’re a participant in the Track Your Plaque program for atherosclerotic plaque regression, you are at the cutting edge of health. Few physicians give this issue any thought. Chances are, for instance, that if you were to bring up … Continue reading

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A stent–just in case

Burt came to me last week. He’d received a stent a few months earlier. He’d been feeling fine except for some fatigue. A nuclear stress test proved equivocal, with the question of an abnormal area of blood flow in the … Continue reading

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How will you know your score dropped?

This issue came up twice this week. Bill is a busy accountant. Two years ago, just after the tumult of the 2005 tax season was over, he got a CT heart scan. His score: 398. At age 53, this was … Continue reading

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Firefighters Face Added Risk of Fatal Heart Attack

Firefighters are twice as likely to die from a heart attack in the line of duty than are policemen, and three times more likely than EMTs. That’s among the headlines run today because of a report in the New England … Continue reading

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Prophylactic bypass surgery?

This question comes up around once a week: My CT heart scan score is ____. Wouldn’t I be better off just getting a bypass (or stent, etc.) and getting it over with? If I know that heart attack is in … Continue reading

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