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How important is l-arginine?

Perhaps more than any other supplement, l-arginine causes frustration and confusion. It’s difficult to find, sometimes quite expensive, and some preparations cause loose stools. Just how necessary is it? L-arginine, you’ll recall, is a source of nitric oxide, or NO. … Continue reading

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Track Your Plaque and non-commercialism

If you’re a Track Your Plaque Member or viewer, you may know that we have resisted outside commercial involvement. We do not run advertising on the site, we do not allow drug companies to post ads, we do not covertly … Continue reading

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The nattokinase scam

A conversation about vitamin K2 commonly leads to confusion. Several people have asked about something called nattokinase. The scientific data on the potential role of vitamin K2 deficiency in causing both osteoporosis and vascular calcification is fascinating. Along with vitamin … Continue reading

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Blood pressure with exercise

Here’s a frequently neglected cause for an increasing CT heart scan score: High blood pressure with exercise. Let me explain. Paul’s blood pressure at rest, sitting in the office or on arising in the morning, or at other relatively peaceful … Continue reading

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Vitamin D2 vs. vitamin D3

An interesting question came up on the Track Your Plaque Member Forum about vitamin D2 vs. vitamin D3. This often comes up among our patients, as well. Vitamin D is measured in the blood as 25-OH-vitamin D and is distinct … Continue reading

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World record heart disease reversal

A quick but important note. Track Your Plaque Members: Keep your eyes on the Track Your Plaque Member website for details and images of our most recent huge success story. Track Your Plaque participant, Neal, dropped his score more than … Continue reading

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Dose of fish oil

Dosing for fish oil is a perennial point of confusion. However, it’s quite simple. The active ingredients in fish oil are DHA and EPA, the so-called omega-3 fatty acids. Of course, if there’s anything else in your capsules, such as … Continue reading

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Niacin scams

As most of you know, niacin (vitamin B3) is an important tool for many in the Track Your Plaque program. Niacin: –raises HDL cholesterol–reduces small LDL–reduces lipoprotein(a) And it’s the most potent agent we have for all three patterns, despite … Continue reading

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Media mis-information

This is an excerpt from a popular health website, A Cholesterol-Busting Vitamin?Did you know that niacin, one of the B vitamins, is also a potent cholesterol fighter? Find out how niacin can help reduce cholesterol… Niacin is safe — … Continue reading

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A dirty little secret

Here’s a dirty little secret many people don’t know about. If I implant a stent, I might get paid somewhere around $2000 for the heart catheterization, stent implantation, femoral artery closure device, hospitalization charges. That’s not too bad. But what … Continue reading

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