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Vitamin D toxicity?

“My primary care doctor said to stop the vitamin D because it’s toxic. So I stopped it and I just take a multivitamin. He said that a multivitamin and two glasses of milk a day was all I needed.” So … Continue reading

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Non-profit hospitals

Take a look at your local hospital and you’re likely to notice several curious things: 1) It is likely non-profit, meaning it enjoys a non-profit status with the Internal Revenue Service and enjoys the tax benefits of not paying taxes … Continue reading

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What’s the best lipoprotein test?

This is a frequent question from Track Your Plaque Members and others interested in improving their heart disease prevention program beyond that of simple-minded cholesterol testing. I obtain lipoprotein testing every day on patients. I can tell you with the … Continue reading

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Vitamin K2, aspirin, fish oil and blood thinning

An interesting question came up from one of our Track Your Plaque Members on the Forum. “I am now taking 9 mg of vitamin K1 and 1000 mcg of K2. Does taking this supplement with this much K1 have a … Continue reading

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“Drug no cure for gluttony”

That’s the headline I’d like to see associated with rosiglitazone, brand name Avandia. The recent negative press, whether deserved or not, surrounding the prescription drug rosiglitazone for pre-diabetes and diabetes highlights the fact that drugs never–never–substitute for what we can … Continue reading

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Rosiglitazone not so rosy?

Dr. Steve Nissen of the Cleveland Clinic published a study that suggests that the pre-diabetes and diabetes drug, rosiglitazone, may increase likelihood of heart attack by 43%. I say “suggests” because the analysis was something called a “meta-analysis”, a re-examination … Continue reading

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The lipid distorting effects of weight loss

Roger experienced a near-fatal heart attack 6 years ago. He survived thanks to the quick action of bystanders who initiated CPR and called 911. An emergency catheterization was performed and a stent implanted into the closed right coronary artery. But … Continue reading

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Cholesterol reduction and wheat

In my previous post, Identical twins and the explosive influence of weight , we witnessed an excellent example of the profound influence of food choices and weight control on lipoproteins. The heavier twin among these 35-year old male twins (Steve) … Continue reading

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Identical twins and the explosive influence of weight

A Track Your Plaque member, Eugene, brought this fascinating story to my attention. Eugene has two nephews, identical twins aged 35 years. Despite their similar personalities and appearances, somehow these two drifted apart in weight with Steve outweighing Alfred by … Continue reading

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Low-fat diets raise triglycerides

Martin, a hospital employee, knowing that I fuss a great deal with lipids and lipoproteins, showed me his lipid panel because the result triggered a “panic value” for triglycerides at 267 mg/dl. He asked if he should go on a … Continue reading

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