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The wheat-free life

“There’s nothing else I can do with my diet,” declared Whitney, a 53-year old university faculty member. “I don’t eat meat. I never eat fried foods. I can’t remember the last time I used butter. My idea of having a … Continue reading

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Death of a $7 billion industry

Vitamin D has taken its place as a crucial ingredient for coronary plaque control and control of CT heart scan scores. Vitamin D replacement is also crucial for bone health, particularly the prevention of osteoporosis. But conversations about vitamin D … Continue reading

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Lose weight and HDL goes . . . down

Steve started with a miserable HDL cholesterol of 27 mg/dl. As expected, the low HDL was associated with all its evil friends: small LDL, deficiency of healthy, large HDL, high triglycerides, VLDL, and a pre-diabetic blood sugar. Steve committed to … Continue reading

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Addictive Foods

Kraft Foods, Inc. is manufacturer of Kool Aid, Oscar Mayer, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, Velveeta, Honey Maid Grahams, and hundreds of other processed food products. Post cereals also falls under the umbrella of Kraft with products like Raisin Bran, Post … Continue reading

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Heart Scan Curiosities #7

Here’s a situation that crops up once in a while, occurring in perhaps 2% of heart scans. The white within the circled area represents calcium, and thereby atherosclerotic plaque, situated immediately at the “mouth”, or opening, of the the right … Continue reading

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The nutrition counterculture

When we look back over our American nutritional history over the last 50 years, it’s hard not to come to the conclusion that much of the innovation in nutrition did not come from official agencies like the Food and Nutrition … Continue reading

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Prescription vitamin D

Niacin: Over-the-counter: $2-5 per monthPrescription: $120 per month Fish oil: Over-the-counter: $3-6 per monthPrescription: $120 per month Vitamin D: Over-the-counter: $2 per monthPrescription: $70 per month With vitamin D in particular, the prescription form is vastly inferior to the over-the-counter … Continue reading

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Nutrition activist Mike Adams

I borrowed the above comic from the website of nutritionist, more properly nutrition activist and author, Mike Adams. His website,, was a pleasant surprise. I was actually looking for some thoughts on pharmaceutical advertising and its pervasive and destructive … Continue reading

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CT scans and radiation exposure

The NY Times ran an article called With Rise in Radiation Exposure, Experts Urge Caution on Tests at “This is an absolutely sentinel event, a wake-up call,” said Dr. Fred A. Mettler Jr., principal investigator for the study, by … Continue reading

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Mediterranean diet vs. American Heart Association Diet

In 1994, the Lyon Heart Study demonstrated a 50-70% reduction in coronary events in participants who followed a diet rich in vegetables, olive oil, fish, nuts, red wine, and enjoyed meals as a family activity. Various other studies have documented … Continue reading

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