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The Low-Carb Man

If ever there was an enthusiastic disciple of deceased Dr. Robert Atkins of Atkins’ Diet fame, it’s Mr. Jimmy Moore. Jimmy tells the story of how he was transformed by the Atkins’ approach, losing 180 lbs in the course of … Continue reading

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Why average cholesterol values can be so bad

Jack had been told again and again that there was absolutely nothing wrong with his cholesterol panel. His numbers: Total cholesterol 198 mg/dl LDL cholesterol 119 mg/dl–actually below the national average (131 mg/dl). HDL 48 mg/dl–actually above the average HDL … Continue reading

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Cholesterol trumps heart scan?

Lela’s heart scan score: 449–very high for a 49-year old, peri-menopausal woman. Her score placed her flat in the 99th percentile, or the worst 1% of women her age. Lela first consulted her primary care physician. Her doctor looked at … Continue reading

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Boycott LabCorp

Track Your Plaque Members have been following this conversation on the Track Your Plaque Forum. A good number of people have had their blood drawn for NMR lipoprotein analysis through laboratories operated by the Laboratory Corporation of American, or LabCorp. … Continue reading

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Useless low-fat diets

If you would like to read an ironic testimonial to the futility of conventional low-fat diets, read: Cutting Cholesterol, an Uphill Battle on the New York Times website at In this story, author and columnist Jane Brody recounts her … Continue reading

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Do statin drugs reduce lipoprotein(a)?

Alex had lipoprotein(a), Lp(a), at a high level. With a heart scan score of 541 at age 53, treatment of this pattern would be crucial to his success. Part of Alex’s treatment program was niacin. However, Alex complained about the … Continue reading

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Breakfast cereals and toilet paper

(Image courtesy of Brandon Blinkenberg and Wikipedia.) What do breakfast cereals and toilet paper have in common? You guessed it: They both belong in the toilet. If you would like some insight into why your friends and neighbors have protruding … Continue reading

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Another lipoprotein hurdle

A number of our Track Your Plaque Members have encountered unexpected difficulty obtaining the 2nd page of their NMR Lipoprofile lipoprotein results when their blood was drawn in a LabCorp laboratory. This is the page that displays the lipoprotein subclasses … Continue reading

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More on aortic valve disease and vitamin D

I hope I’m not getting my hopes up prematurely, but I believe that I’ve seen it once again: Dramatic reversal of aortic valve disease. This 64-year old man came to me because of a heart scan score of 212. Jack … Continue reading

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“How often do you call an ambulance?”

I asked one of the CT technologists at Milwaukee Heart Scan what quesetions are often asked by people undergoing their first CT heart scan. “That’s easy,” she said. ” ‘How often do you call an ambulance?’ “ She went on. … Continue reading

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