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Is health the absence of disease?

It sounds like a word game, but is health the absence of disease? In other words, if you’re not sick, you must be well. If you don’t have cancer, heart disease (overtly, that is, like angina and heart attack), the … Continue reading

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Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs

Take a look at the list of ingredients in Cocoa Puffs: corn, sugar, corn syrup–all high glycemic index foods. In other words, Cocoa Puffs is the physiologic equivalent of pure table sugar. Sure, it comes packaged with this wacky bird … Continue reading

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Further validation of the Track Your Plaque 60:60:60 targets

The latest analysis of the data from Treat to New Targets (TNT) Trial shows that higher HDL cholesterol values are associated with reduced risk of heart attack, even in those with low LDL cholesterol values. This counters the argument that … Continue reading

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My sister called today . . .

My younger sister, aged 48 years (sorry, sis), called this morning. “I’m going to my doctor today. What labs should I tell him to draw?” she asked. “Why do you have to tell him? Can’t you just ask him what … Continue reading

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Failure to diagnose

I picked up a hospital publication today. Featured prominently on the cover was a glossy photo of an attorney and his wife, both smiling. The headline: “Atorney grateful for the lifesaving work of the ______ Hospital.” The story detailed the … Continue reading

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Interview with world heart scan authority, Dr. John Rumberger

Dr. John Rumberger has, from its start, been a good friend of the Track Your Plaque program. We are very proud to have his friendship. Dr. Rumberger is not only a world-renowned scientist in the world of cardiac imaging and … Continue reading

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Summer in Wisconsin

It’s been a glorious summer in Wisconsin. For weeks straight, we’ve enjoyed bright, sunny days with temperatures in the 70s and 80s. Even now, in late September, our windows are wide open and the days are warm and sunny. Yesterday, … Continue reading

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Wacky statin effects

In general, I try to exhaust possibilities before resorting to the statin drugs. But we still do use them, both in general practice and the Track Your Plaque program. There are indeed a number of ways to reduce, minimize, or … Continue reading

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Track Your Plaque goes global

I don’t use this space to toot my horn (at least I don’t too often), but we were looking at the listings of our viewers and members. I was surprised to learn that we now have Track Your Plaque followers … Continue reading

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Go to your corners

There’s a heated debate being waged on the Heart Hawk Blog Dr. Melissa Walton-Shirley authored an editorial entitled It Should Be the Right of All Americans to Have Primary Percutaneous-Based Intervention for Acute Coronary Syndrome . Heart Hawk’s response: Dr. … Continue reading

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