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“Yes, Johnnie, there really is an Easter bunny”

A Heart Scan Blog reader recently posted this comment: You wouldn’t believe the trouble I’m having trying to get someone to give me a CT Heart Scan without trying to talk me into a Coronary CTA [CT angiogram]. Every facility … Continue reading

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Diabetes: controlled or . . . cured?

Russ had a beer belly, a big protuberant, hanging-over-the belt-on-top-of-skinny-legs sort of beer belly. Except he didn’t get it from beer (only). Yes, he did drink beer, up to 3 or 4 per day on weekends, rarely during the week. … Continue reading

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Study review: cerivastatin

I’d like to start an occasional series of blog posts on The Heart Scan Blog in which I review studies relevant to the whole heart scan score reversal experience. In a previous post, Don’t be satisfied with “deceleration,”I discussed the … Continue reading

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Dr. William Blanchet: A voice of reason

I don’t mean to beat this discussion to a pulp, but looking back over the comments posted on forum, I am so deeply impressed with Dr. William Blanchet’s grasp of the issues, that I posted his articulate and knowledgeable … Continue reading

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Vitamin D2 rip-offs

Here’s a sampling of prescription vitamin D2/ergocalciferol products available: Prescription ergocalciferol (vitamin D2) (Drisdol brand), 50 caps for $130.84. Alfcip brand of erogocalciferol (vitamin D), 30 capsules for $28.20. Ergocalciferol (vitamin D2) as Drisdol oral solution, 1 bottle $146.26. How … Continue reading

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Stenosis detection vs. plaque detection

One of the most common misunderstandings encountered by both physicians and the public is that, to create an effective heart disease prevention program, we need tools for atherosclerotic plaque detection. What we do not need is a tool for stenosis … Continue reading

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Is an increase in heart scan score GOOD?

In response to an earlier Heart Scan Blog post, I don’t care about hard plaque!, reader Dave responded:Hello Dr Davis, Interesting post about hard and soft plaque. I recently had a discussion with my GP regarding my serious increase in … Continue reading

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The online debate

There’s a fascinating and vigorous debate going on at the website among Dr. Melissa Shirley-Walton, the recently publicized proponent of “a cath lab on every corner”: Dr. William Blanchet, a physician in northern Colorado; and a Track Your Plaque … Continue reading

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To learn how to eat . . . try fasting

Curious thing about fasting: It teaches you how to eat. In previous posts, I’ve discussed the potential benefits of fasting: reduction of blood pressure, reduction of inflammatory responses, drop in blood sugar, weight loss, and reduced heart attack risk. In … Continue reading

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Don’t be satisfied with “deceleration”

In the Track Your Plaque program, we aim to stop or reduce your heart scan score. Recall that, without any preventive efforts, heart scan scores can be expected to increase at the average rate of 30% per year (faster at … Continue reading

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