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Whole grains and half truths

(For followers of the Heart Scan Blog, below is a re-posting of a recent post. I’ve moved it up to make it accessible to a number of patients that I asked to look at this post for some conversation about … Continue reading

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Fasting and heart disease

Followers of the Track Your Plaque program know that we advocate periodic fasts to reduce heart disease risk. I came across an interesting report form an abstract presented at last week’s American Heart Association meetings in Orlando: (Read the report … Continue reading

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Coronary arteries aren’t what they seem

Why do stress tests so often fail to detect coronary atherosclerotic plaque? Why do even heart catheterizations–the “gold standard”–fail to disclose the full extent of plaque within the walls of coronary arteries? We owe much of the explanation of these … Continue reading

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Heart disease reversal a big “No No”

I dare you: Ask your doctor whether coronary heart disease can be reversed. My prediction is that the answer will be a flat “NO.” Or, something like “rarely, in extraordinary cases,” kind of like spontaneous cure of cancer. There are … Continue reading

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Once upon a time, remember how medical information was mysterious, hospitals were places where frightening, inscrutable things happened, diseases were strange maladies that struck without reason, and obtaining information about health was like hunting for buried treasure? The full extent … Continue reading

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Everything has omega-3

Walking the supermarket aisles, you may have lately noticed that numerous new products are appearing sporting “omega-3s” on the label. Some products simply contain alpha-linolenic acid, a tiny amount of which is converted to the biologically active omega-3s, EPA and … Continue reading

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Are cardiologists the enemy?

I’m sitting at dinner with two colleagues. One is a cardiology colleague, another an internist who, in addition to practicing general internal medicine, also takes heart disease prevention very seriously. He has, in fact, participated in the Track Your Plaque … Continue reading

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Are CETP inhibitors kaput?

Was torcetrapib’s crash and burn fatal for this class of drug? At the 2007 American Heart Association meetings in Orlando, Florida, Dr. Philip Barter of Sydney, Australia, presented an update of the ILLUMINATE drug trial for the once-promising drug, torcetrapib, … Continue reading

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Roto Rooter for plaque

Joe, a machinist, was frightened and frustrated. With a heart scan score of 1644 at age 61, his eyes bulged when I advised him that, if preventive efforts weren’t instituted right away, his risk for heart attack was a high … Continue reading

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“Beware nutritional supplements”

In our effort to expand the reach for the nationwide conversation on heart disease reversal, I’d like to welcome the newest contributor to the Track Your Plaque family, a new Member blogger, Heart Cipher. We first came to appreciate the … Continue reading

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