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Quantum leaps

A reader of The Heart Scan Blog and member of the Track Your Plaque program posted this comment on The *The facts speak for themselves.* Dr. William Davis and Dr. William Blanchet, your patients thank you for the low … Continue reading

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Body count

Imagine the following headline: War in Iraq a growing success: 20,000 Americans now dead! If a newspaper ran that headline, we would all be outraged, and rightly so. Deaths in war are a tragedy. They are not something we celebrate. … Continue reading

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Dr. Bill Blanchet: A ray of sunshine

Another heated discussion is ongoing at The, this one about Tim Russert’s untimely death: Media mulls Russert’s death as cardiologists weigh in Although I posted a couple of brief comments there, I quickly lost patience with the tone of … Continue reading

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The Russert Protocol at work

Without a concerted effort at prevention, heart scan scores (coronary calcium scores) grow like weeds. The average rate of growth is 30% per year. Keith is an illustrative case. At age 39, Keith’s heart scan score was 29, in the … Continue reading

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Petition to the National Institutes of Health

A petition to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is being circulated in response to the mis-statement made in an NIH-sponsored study, ACCORD. The ACCORD Trial included over 10,000 type II diabetics and compared an intensive, multiple-medication group to achieve … Continue reading

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Wheat withdrawal

It happens in the hospital every so often: A clean-cut, law-abiding person is hospitalized for, say, pneumonia, kidney stones, knee surgery, etc. Everything’s fine until . . . they’re running down the hospital hallway stark naked, screaming about snakes on … Continue reading

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The Big Squeeze

Some colleagues of mine brought this scary phenomenon to my attention last evening. As insurance and Medicare reimbursement to doctors and hospitals fall (Medicare is enacting a series of substantial cuts, which will be followed by the private health insurers), … Continue reading

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Tim Russert’s heart scan score 210. . .in 1998

Despite the media blathering over how Mr. Russert’s tragic death from heart attack could not have been predicted, it turns out that he had undergone a heart scan several years ago. A New York Times article, A Search for Answers … Continue reading

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Another failure of conventional cardiac care

Though Tim Russert was widely known and respected for his political commentary, he will likely be better remembered as an example of the gross shortcomings of the conventional approach to heart disease. Let’s face it: Standard heart disease prevention efforts … Continue reading

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Tribute to Tim Russert

The sudden passing of news giant, Tim Russert, yesterday of sudden cardiac death struck a blow to American consciousness. Perhaps his hard-hitting interviewing style, while making guests squirm, made him seem invincible. But, of course, none of us is invincible. … Continue reading

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