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Mediterranean diet and blood sugar

Data such as that from the Lyon Heart Study have demonstrated that a so-called Mediterranean diet substantially reduces risk for heart attack. But there are aspects of the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle that are not entirely sorted out. For instance, … Continue reading

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Who is your doctor?

Primary care physicians are the initial entry point for healthcare for the majority of Americans. Develop pneumonia; go to your family or internal medicine physician (internist) to be prescribed an antibiotic. Need your blood pressure or cholesterol checked? Develop a … Continue reading

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The “Heart Healthy” scam

Like many scams, this one follows a predictable formula. It is a formula widely practiced among food manufacturers, ever since food products began to jockey for position based on nutritional composition and purported health benefits. First, identify a component of … Continue reading

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Exploitation of trust

Once upon a time, the tobacco industry was guilty of conducting a widespread, systematic, highly organized campaign to deliver their product to as much of the unsuspecting public as possible. As clinical data mounted linking smoking and health problems like … Continue reading

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Bait and switch

“When banks compete, you win.” The TV ad opens with a 60-something man sitting in his living room, talking to a three-piece suit-clad, 30-something banker. The older man is explaining to the dismayed younger man why he’s going to use … Continue reading

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If a disease lacks a procedure . . . create one

Congestive heart failure is among the most common diagnoses in the hospital nowadays. Congestive heart failure is the result of injury to the heart muscle such as that occurring during heart attack, viral infections of the heart (myocarditis), poorly controlled … Continue reading

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Blood sugar lessons from a Type I diabetic

A friend of mine is a Type I, or childhood onset, diabetic. He’s had it for nearly 50 years, since age 6. He’s also in the health industry and is a good observer of detail. He made the following interesting … Continue reading

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Lessons about omega-3s from Japan

Image courtesy of apc33. Japan provides a useful “laboratory” for studying the effect of a culture that relies heavily on eating fish. The JELIS Trial, the topic of a previous Heart Scan Blog post, showed that supplementation with the single … Continue reading

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DIRECT Study result: Low-carb, Mediterranean diets win weight-loss battle

Drs. Iris Shai and colleagues released results of a new Israeli study, the Dietary Intervention Randomized Controlled Trial (DIRECT) Trial, that compared three different diet strategies. Of those tested, a low-carbohydrate diet was most successful at achieving weight loss. You … Continue reading

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Do I sell heart scans?

I came across a criticism of the Track Your Plaque program recently that suggested that it was nothing more than a program to sell CT heart scans. Huh? I suppose if you say that the Track Your Plaque program is … Continue reading

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