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Scare tactics

“You’re a walking time bomb.” “I can’t be responsible for what happens to you.” “Your blockage is in the artery called the ‘widow-maker.’” Familiar lines? These are the well-rehearsed warnings commonly used by cardiologists to persuade a patient to undergo … Continue reading

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Self-Directed Testing

In the last Heart Scan Blog post, I listed the poll results on success vs. failure in trying to obtain requested blood work through doctors. The results of that informal poll revealed that a substantial number of people encounter resistance … Continue reading

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Here are the results of the latest Heart Scan Blog poll (84 respondents): When you ask your doctor to perform a specific blood test, does he/she: Do it without question? 38 (44%) Do it but express reservations?25 (29%) Do it … Continue reading

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Increasing sales, growing the business

I continue my portrayal of the fictional hospital, St. Matthews. Though fictional, it is based on real facts, figures, and situations. Despite their success, administrators at St. Matthews’s Hospital continually fret over how to further expand their enterprise. Market share … Continue reading

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Top Doctor

Dr. Robert Connors is the hospital’s most prized cardiologist. Practically a fixture in the cath lab, he generates more revenues for the hospital than any of his colleagues. Last year alone, he performed over 1500 procedures, bringing in $18 million … Continue reading

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Disease Engineering

Imagine you contract pneumonia. You have a fever of 103, you’re coughing up thick, yellow sputum, breathing is getting difficult. You hobble to the doctor, who then fails to prescribe you antibiotics. You get some kind of explanation about unnecessary … Continue reading

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Dr. Steven Gundry on The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show

I stumbled on a great interview with cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Steven Gundry, on Jimmy Moore’s Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show. (Or, cut and paste: Dr. Gundry has some fun ways of looking at eating and health. I found his … Continue reading

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Does fish oil ADD to statin therapy?

Yet another patient came to my office today saying, “My primary doctor said that I should stop taking fish oil. He say’s that I don’t need it because I take Crestor.” The woman was in tears, confused and frightened over … Continue reading

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HDL: “H” is for “happy”

What role do emotions play in HDL cholesterol? I’ve often observed a peculiar phenomenon: People who come to the office or hospital in the midst of a difficult emotional situation-e.g., stress at home, financial struggles, hospitalization (usually an unhappy occasion)- … Continue reading

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Plaquology: A new term. Plaquology: def: (plaque-: atherosclerotic plaque; -ology: study of.) The study of atherosclerotic plaque, originating in the early 21st century during the time period when the material underlying atherosclerosis gained recognition as a measure superior to “risk … Continue reading

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