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“High-dose” Vitamin D

I stumbled on one of the growing number of local media stories on the power of vitamin D. In one story, a purported “expert” was talking about the benefits of “high-dose” vitamin D, meaning up to 1000, even 2000 units … Continue reading

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Vitamin D Home Test

The ever-resourceful Dr. John Cannell of the Vitamin D Council has announced the availability of an at-home, self-ordered vitamin D test kit for $65. The Vitamin D Council newsletter is reprinted below. (However, please note that, as wonderful as the … Continue reading

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Where do Track Your Plaque membership revenues go?

People pay about $90 per year to become Members on the Track Your Plaque website. This provide access to our in-depth Special Reports, guides, webinars, and our proprietary software data tracking tools. Members can also participate in online discussions, such … Continue reading

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Getting your dose of fish oil right

Confusion often stems from the simplest of calculations: dose of fish oil. Actually, you and I don’t take fish oil for fish oil. We take fish oil for its content of omega-3 fatty acids, the dominant ones being EPA and … Continue reading

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Flat tummy . . . or, Why your dietitian is fat

When I go to the hospital, I am continually amazed at some of the hospital staff: 5 ft 4 inch nurses weighing over 200 lbs, etc. But what I find particularly bothersome are some (not all) hospital dietitans–presumably experts at … Continue reading

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Statin drug revolt

I sense a growing revolt against the intrusion of statin drugs into our lives. No doubt, the statin drug industry is, at least from an economic perspective, a huge success: $27 billion annual revenues at last accounting. The latest big … Continue reading

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Lovaza Rip-off

Lovaza is GlaxoSmithKline’s prescription fish oil, an ethyl ester modification to allow higher concentration of omega-3 fatty acids, EPA + DHA, per capsule. Each capsule contains 840 mg EPA + DHA. It is FDA-approved for treatment of high triglycerides (>500 … Continue reading

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Santa Claus is alive . . . and works for the drug industry

Maybe your teenagers no longer believe in Santa Claus, but I assure you: Not only is he alive, I believe that we have evidence that he works for the drug industry! Psshaww! you say. Yet another rant from that kook, … Continue reading

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Another case of aortic valve disease reduced with vitamin D

I watched Seth’s aortic valve deteriorate over a two year period. I was first consulted in 2004 to offer an opinion on Seth’s heart scan score of 779 and flagrantly abnormal cholesterol patterns, including triglycerides in the 400 mg/dl range. … Continue reading

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Track Your Plaque Program Data Tracking Tools

At last: After talking about the new Track Your Plaque community tools for the last year, our data tracking software is now available! Track Your Plaque is, admittedly, somewhat data-intensive. The basic concept relies on the fact that we track … Continue reading

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