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How apathy saved a life

John from California left this comment recently on my Wacky statin effects post. He tells such a vivid, compelling story that I had to pass it on. I started taking statins a couple of years ago. A friend told me … Continue reading

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Wheat hell

Can including wheat in your diet create hell on earth? Was The Inferno nothing more than Danté’s prediction for the state of the U.S. diet circa 2009? I’m kidding on The Inferno allusion, but the American diet nonetheless sure does … Continue reading

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Unique vitamin D observations

It seems not a single day passes that I don’t learn something new about this unique hormone (mis)named “vitamin D.” From its humble beginnings recognized only as the factor responsible for bone maturation (with deficiency leading to childhood rickets), vitamin … Continue reading

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Dr. Michael Eades on the Paleolithic diet

Dr. Michael Eades has posted an absolutely spectacular commentary on the Paleolithic diet concept: Rapid health improvements with a Paleolithic diet The post was prompted by publication of a study that tried to recreate a Paleolithic-like diet experience over a … Continue reading

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What vitamin D form?

In response to questions regarding why don’t vitamin D tablets work, here are my observations. When I first started correcting vitamin D levels around 3 1/2 years ago, people would begin with starting 25-hydroxy vitamin D blood levels of around … Continue reading

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Vitamin D for the pharmaceutically challenged

Most Heart Scan Blog readers already know: Your doctor has been brainwashed by the pharmaceutical industry. Your doctor more than likely has spent the better part of his or her career in the Guantanamo Bay of healthcare, water-boarded by seductive … Continue reading

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Why don’t stents prevent heart attack?

No study has ever documented that stents prevent future heart attack. But, in day-to-day practice, stents are frequently implanted for just this reason. A little clarification. Stents do prevent heart attack–if the heart attack is already underway, either as an … Continue reading

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Low thyroid: What to do?

I’ve gotten a number of requests for solutions on how to solve the low thyroid issue if either 1) your doctor refuses to discuss the issue or denies it is present, or 2) there are government mandates against thyroid correction … Continue reading

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Which statin drug is best?

I re-post a Heart Scan Blog post from one year ago, answering the question: Which statin drug is best? I still get this question from patients in the office and online, nearly always prompted by a TV commercial. So let … Continue reading

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Dr. Nancy Sniderman, heart scans on Today Show

While shaving this morning, I caught the report by NBC medical expert, Dr. Nancy Sniderman, about her coronary plaque and CT coronary angiogram. Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy Those of you in the … Continue reading

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