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Self-directed health: At-home lab testing

I have a prediction. I predict that more and more healthcare can and will be obtained directly by the individual–without doctors, without hospitals, without the corrupt profit-at-any-costs modus operandi of the pharmaceutical industry. I predict that, given the right tools, … Continue reading

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Vitamin D for Peter, Paul, and Mary

Why is it that vitamin D deficiency can manifest in so many different ways in different people? One big reason is something called vitamin D receptor (VDR) genotypes, the variation in the receptor for vitamin D. It means that vitamin … Continue reading

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Blowup at Milwaukee Heart Scan

A local TV investigative news report just ran a critical report of the goings-on at Milwaukee Heart Scan: Andy Smith went to Milwaukee Heart Scan. “It passed the smell test like a road kill skunk. I mean it was bad,” … Continue reading

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Do you work for the pharmaceutical industry?

In response to my post, Lovaza Rip-off, I received this angry comment: Very high triglycerides, as you all know, is a very serious and life-threatening condition. Therefore, it is very important that any medication you take for treatment must be … Continue reading

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Cholesterol effects of carbohydrates

Let’s take a hypothetical person, say, a 50-year old male. 5 ft 10 inches, 160 lbs, BMI 23.0. He’s slender and in good health. Our hypothetical man eats a simple diet of vegetables, some fruit, nuts, and meats but avoids … Continue reading

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Wheat Belly Revisited

Do you have a wheat belly? When I first coined this phrase back in July, 2007, I had witnessed the phenomenal health effects of wheat elimination in several hundred patients. In the nearly two years that have passed since my … Continue reading

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Thank you, Crestor

I’m sure everyone by now has seen the Crestor ads run by drugmaker, AstraZeneca. TV ads, magazine ads, and the Crestor website all echoing the same message: “While I was busy building my life, something else was busy building in … Continue reading

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Supermarkets and buggy whips

Will supermarkets eventually phase out, joining the history books as a phenomenon of the past? Or are supermarkets here to stay, an emblem of the industrialization of our food–easy access to foods that are convenient, suit the undiscriminating masses, stripped … Continue reading

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Sterols should be outlawed

While sterols occur naturally in small quantities in food (nuts, vegetables, oils), food manufacturers are adding them to processed foods in order to earn a “heart healthy” claim. The FDA approved a cholesterol-reducing indication for sterols , the American Heart … Continue reading

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What your doctor doesn’t know about heart disease

What causes coronary heart disease or coronary atherosclerotic plaque, this thing that we track with heart scans? Well, here are a few little-publicized facts about heart disease that you are unlikely to hear from your When’s-the-next-stent? cardiologist or the What … Continue reading

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