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Thumb your nose at swine flu

Judging from what we know about vitamin D, it is highly probable that it confers substantial protection from viral infections, including swine flu. Dr. John Cannell of the Vitamin D Council ( first connected the dots, identifying the possibility of … Continue reading

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Will the real LDL please stand up?

The results of the latest Heart Scan Blog poll are in. The question: How has your LDL been measured? The 187 responses broke down as: I have only had a conventional calculated value 108 (57%) NMR LDL particle number 35 … Continue reading

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Vitamin D and inflammation

We already know that vitamin D reduces inflammatory processes, since several markers, including c-reactive protein and IL-6 have previously been shown to drop substantially with vitamin D. Inflammation underlies coronary atherosclerotic plaque growth, as well as plaque rupture that triggers … Continue reading

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Even monkeys do it

It all started back in the 1960s, when ape-watching anthropologists, Drs. Jane Goodall and Richard Wrangham, observed chimps foraging for a specific variety of leaf, which they consumed whole while wrinkling their noses in presumed disgust. Subsequent study showed that … Continue reading

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Cath lab energy costs

In honor of Earth Day, I thought I’d highlight the unexpectedly high carbon costs of activities in hospitals, specifically the cardiac catheterization laboratory. A patient enters the cath lab. The groin is shaved using a plastic disposable razor, the site … Continue reading

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Wag the Dog

What if the system to provide heart care has already gotten as big as it should be? Worse (for hospitals), what if it’s already far larger than it needs to be? Can the system continue to increase revenues if they’ve … Continue reading

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Heart scan book

There are only two books on heart scans available. One, of course, is Track Your Plaque. The other is the basic book on heart scans, What Does My Heart Scan Show? Lost in the navigation column to the left on … Continue reading

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Lies, damned lies, and statistics

In the last Heart Scan Blog post, I discussed the question of whether statin drugs provide incremental benefit when excellent lipid values are already achieved without drugs. But I admit that I was guilty of oversimplification. One peculiar phenomenon is … Continue reading

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Statin drugs for everybody?

Who is better off? John takes Crestor, 40 mg per day: LDL cholesterol 60 mg/dlHDL cholesterol 60 mg/dlTriglycerides 60 mg/dlTotal cholesterol 132 mg/dl Or Sam: LDL cholesterol 60 mg/dlHDL cholesterol 60 mg/dlTriglycerides 60 mg/dlTotal cholesterol 132 mg/dl who obtained these … Continue reading

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No BS weight loss

If there’s something out there on the market for weight loss, we’ve tried it. By we, I mean myself along with many people and patients around me willing to try various new strategies. Maybe you say: “Well that’s not a … Continue reading

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