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“Hey buddy, wanna buy some exorphins?”

Dr. Christine Zioudrou and colleagues at the National Institutes of Mental Health got this conversation going back in 1979 with their paper, Opioid peptides derived from food proteins: The exorphins. Exorphins are exogenously-derived peptides (i.e., short amino acid sequences obtained … Continue reading

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“I can’t do it”

Anne sat across from me, bent over and sobbing. “I can’t do it. I just can’t do it! I cut out the breads and pasta for two days, then I start dreaming about it! “And my husband is no help. … Continue reading

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Spontaneous combustion, vampires, and goitrogens

What do the following have in common: Lima beansFlaxseedBroccoliCabbageKaleSoyMilletSorghum? They are all classified as goitrogens, or foods that have been shown to trigger goiter, or thyroid gland enlargement. Most of them do this either by blocking iodine uptake in the … Continue reading

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Magnesium and you-Part II

Blood magnesium levels are a poor barometer for true body (intracellular) magnesium. Only 1% of the body’s magnesium is in the blood, the remaining 99% stored in various body tissues, particularly bone and muscle. If blood magnesium is low, cellular … Continue reading

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Lethal Lipids II

I call the combination of low HDL, small LDL, and lipoprotein(a) “lethal lipids,” since the trio is an exceptionally potent predictor for heart disease. Uncorrected, the combination is a virtual guarantee of heart disease. Ed is a perfect example of … Continue reading

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Goiter, goiter everywhere

The results of the recent Heart Scan Blog poll are in. The question: Do you used iodized salt? The responses: Yes, I use iodized salt every day 94 (28%) Yes, I use iodized salt occasionally 56 (16%) No, I do … Continue reading

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Goiter and the Golden Medical Discovery

Thick neck, or goitre . . . consists of an enlargement of the thyroid gland, which lies over and on each side of the trachea, or windpipe, between the prominence known as “Adam’s apple” and the breast bone. The tumor … Continue reading

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Magnesium and you-Part I

If this were 10,000 B.C., you’d get your drinking water from streams, rivers, and lakes, all rich in mineral content. Humans became reliant on obtaining a considerable proportion of daily mineral needs from natural water sources. 21st century: We obtain … Continue reading

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Cheerios: Prescription required?

Followers of The Heart Scan Blog know my feelings about Cheerios: Can you say “sugar”? Cheerios and heart health There’s an interesting tussle going on between the makers of Cheerios, General Mills, and the FDA. The FDA says that the … Continue reading

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“Placebos are frequently of value”

The treatment of angina pectoris, generally speaking, is unsatisfactory. Any procedure that relieves mental tension is valuable. Since patients suffer particularly during the winter, I encourage winter vacations in a southern climate. I insist that obese patients lose weight, and … Continue reading

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