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Roger’s near-miss CT angiogram experience

Heart Scan Blog reader, Roger, described his near-miss experience with CT coronary angiograms. Hoping to obtain just a simple CT heart scan, he was bullied to get a CT coronary angiogram instead. Roger held strong and just asked for the … Continue reading

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The Myth of Prevention: Letter to the Wall Street Journal

The June 20-21, 2009 Wall Street Journal Weekend Journal featured a provocative front page article written by physician, Dr. Abraham Verghese: The Myth of Prevention While eloquently written, I took issue with a few crucial points. Here is the letter … Continue reading

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A victory for SHAPE, CT heart scans, and doing what is RIGHT

The efforts of Texas House of Representatives Rep. Rene Oliveira and the SHAPE Guidelines committee have paid off: The Texas legislature passed a bill that requires health insurers to cover CT heart scans. (NOTE: Don’t make the same mistake that … Continue reading

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Sleep: A to Zzzzzzzzzz

Take a look at the results from the Heart Scan Blog’s most recent reader poll (399 respondents): How many hours do you sleep per night (on average)? 9 or more hours per night 15 (3.7%) 8-9 hours per night 72 … Continue reading

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Beating the Heart Association diet is child’s play

In response to the Heart Scan Blog post, Post-Traumatic Grain Disorder, Anne commented: While on the American Heart Association diet my lipids peaked in 2003. I even tried the Ornish diet for a short time, but found it impossible. Total … Continue reading

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Victim of Post-Traumatic Grain Disorder

Heart Scan Blog reader, Mike, shared his story with me. He was kind enough to allow me to reprint it here (edited slightly for brevity). Dr. Davis, I was much intrigued to stumble onto your blog. Heart disease, nutrition, and … Continue reading

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Drug industry “Deep Throat”

A Heart Scan Blog reader brought the following letter from a former pharmaceutical sales representative to congress to my attention. Interesting excerpts: As a former drug representative for Eli Lilly, I spent 20 months increasing the market share of my … Continue reading

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Triglyceride Buster-Update

In the last Heart Scan Blog post, I described Daniel’s experience reducing his triglycerides from 3100 mg/dl to around 1100 mg/dl with use of omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil, along with modifications in his diet. This was accomplished in … Continue reading

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Triglyceride buster

Two weeks ago, Daniel started with a triglyceride level of 3100 mg/dl, a dangerous level that had potential to damage his pancreas. The inflammatory injury incurred could leave him with type I diabetes and inability to digest foods, since the … Continue reading

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Jogging does NOT cause heart disease

Periodically, I’ll come across a knuckleheaded report like this one from Minneapolis: Marathon Man’s Heart Damaged by Running? Of course, the obligatory story about how a cardiologist came to the rescue and “saved his life” with a stent follows. In … Continue reading

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