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Calling all losers!

I’d like to invite anyone who has followed the Track Your Plaque Break the Weight Barrier program to consider posting their stories and photos on the Heart Scan Blog. Because our focus is prevention and reversal of coronary heart disease, … Continue reading

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Weight loss and vitamin D

At the start of her program, Penny’s 25-hydroxy vitamin D blood level showed the usual deficiency at 22 ng/ml. She supplemented with 8000 units of vitamin D. Another 25-hydroxy vitamin D blood level several months later showed a level of … Continue reading

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Grasscutting, fertilizer, and healthcare

A guy named Jeff, a 60-something, taciturn, “How ’bout dem Brewers?” kind of guy, cuts my grass. Once a week, Jeff drives over his rust-rimmed 1994 Chevy pickup and trailer, unloads his ride mower, and cuts the grass. For his … Continue reading

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Iodine deficiency is REAL

Like many health-conscious people, Kurt avoids salt. In fact, he has assiduously avoided salt ever since his heart attack back in 1995. Lately, Kurt had become tired, often for little or no reason. His thyroid panel: TSH 4.2 mIU/L (0.27-4.20)Free … Continue reading

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Fish oil for $780 per bottle

At prevailing pharmacy prices, one capsule of prescription Lovaza fish oil costs $4.33 each. Yes, you heard right: $4.33 per capsule. What do you get for $4.33 per capsule? By omega-3 fatty acid content, you get 842 mg EPA + … Continue reading

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Organic really IS better

If you have any doubts about the value of organic foods vs. conventionally-grown foods, then take a look at the findings from a USDA–Yes, USDA–sponsored study. In this study, the nutritional content of organic vs. conventionally-grown blueberries were compared. Ironically, … Continue reading

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The case against vitamin D2

Why would vitamin D be prescribed when vitamin D3 is available over-the-counter? Let’s review the known differences between vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) and vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol): –D3 is the human form; D2 is the non-human form found in plants. –Dose for … Continue reading

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Honey: More fructose than high-fructose corn syrup

Honey: It’s natural. Mom probably gave it to you, either straight or in tea for a sore throat when you were a kid. Even today, honey is touted as possessing almost supernatural qualities for promoting health. Honey contains B vitamins, … Continue reading

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Sun, fish, and seaweed

Extraordinary heart health springs from three basic sources in our environment: Sun, fish, and seaweed. Sun: Sunlight exposure is nature’s intended source of vitamin D. Humans were meant to run naked, or at least scantily clad, in tropical or sub-tropical … Continue reading

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Fructose is a coronary risk factor

As discussed in a previous Heart Scan Blog post, Say Goodbye to Fructose, a carefully-conducted University of California study demonstrated that, compared to glucose, fructose induces: 1) Four-fold greater intra-abdominal fat accumulation 2) 13.9% increase in LDL cholesterol, doubled Apoprotein … Continue reading

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