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I’ll supply the tar if you supply the feathers

The results of the latest Heart Scan Blog poll are in. DIRECT-TO-CONSUMER PHARMACEUTICAL ADVERTISING HAS: Increased public awareness of medical conditions and their treatment 19 (11%) Has had little overall effect on health and healthcare 29 (18%) Needlessly increased healthcare … Continue reading

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What goes up can’t come down

According to conventional wisdom, heart scan scores cannot be reduced. In other words, say you begin with a heart scan score of 300. Conventional wisdom says you should take aspirin and a statin drug, eat a low-fat “heart healthy” diet, … Continue reading

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Gretchen’s postprandial diet experiment

Gretchen sent me the results of a little experiment she ran on herself. She measured blood glucose and triglycerides after 1) a low-fat diet and 2) a low-carb diet. Gretchen describes her experience: Several years ago I received a windfall … Continue reading

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After-eating effects: Carbohydrates vs. fats

In the ongoing debate over whether it’s fat or carbohydrate restriction that leads to weight loss and health, here’s another study from the Oxford group examining the postprandial (after-eating) effects of a low-fat vs. low-carbohydrate diet. (Roberts R et al, … Continue reading

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The Paleo approach to meal frequency

Furthering our discussion of postprandial (after-eating) phenomenona, including chylomicron and triglyceride “stacking” (Grazing is for cattle and Triglyceride and chylomicron stacking), here’s a comment from the recent Palet Diet Newsletter on the closely related issue, meal timing and frequency: We … Continue reading

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Angioplasty Special: Get it while it’s hot!

Graphic courtesy Parsemus Foundation

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Even mummies do it

Lady Rai, nursemaid to Queen Nefertari of Egypt, died in 1530 BC, somewhere between the age of 30 and 40 years. Her mummy is preserved in the Egyptian National museum of Antiquities in Cairo. A CT scan of her thoracic … Continue reading

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Life Extension article on iodine

Here’s a link to my recent article in Life Extension Magazine on iodine: Halt on Salt Sparks Iodine Deficiency Iodized salt, a concept introduced into the U.S. by the FDA in 1924, slowly eliminated goiter (enlarged thyroid glands), along with … Continue reading

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The healthiest people are the most iodine deficient

Here’s an informal observation. The healthiest people are the most iodine deficient. The healthier you are, the more likely you are to: –Avoid junk foods–30% of which have some iodine from salt–Avoid overuse of iodized salt–Exercise–Sweating causes large losses of … Continue reading

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It’s the score, stupid

Sal has had 3 heart scans. (He was not on the Track Your Plaque program.) His scores: March, 2006: 439 April, 2007: 573 October, 2009: 799 Presented with the 39% increase from April, 2007 to October, 2009, Sal’s doctor responded, … Continue reading

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