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High HbA1c: You’re getting older . . . faster

Over the years, we all accumulate Advanced Glycation End-products, or AGEs. AGEs are part of aging; they are part of human disease. AGEs are the result of modification of proteins by glucose. AGEs form the basis for many disease conditions. … Continue reading

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Slash carbs . . . What happens?

Cut the carbohydrates in your diet and what sorts of results can you expect? Carbohydrate reduction results in: Reduced small LDL–This effect is profound. Carbohydrates increase small LDL; reduction of carbohydrates reduce small LDL. People are often confused by this … Continue reading

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Normal fasting glucose with high HbA1c

Jonathan’s fasting glucose: 85 mg/dl His HbA1c: 6.7% Jonathan’s high HbA1c reflects blood glucose fluctuations over the preceding 60-90 days and can be used to calculate an estimated average glucose (eAG) with the following equation: eAG = 28.7 X A1c – … Continue reading

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Can you handle fat?

No question: Low-carbohydrate diets generate improved postprandial lipoprotein responses. Here’s a graph from one of Jeff Volek’s great studies: Participants followed a low-carb diet of less than 50 g per day carbohydrate (“ketogenic”) with 61% fat.   The curves were … Continue reading

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Butter and insulin

In a previous post, Atkins Diet: Common Errors, I commented on butter’s unusual ability to provoke insulin responses. I offer this as a possible reason why, after a period of effective weight loss on a low-carbohydrate program, inclusion of some … Continue reading

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Atkins Diet: Common errors

No doubt: The diet approach advocated by the late Dr. Robert Atkins was a heck of a lot closer to an ideal diet than the knuckleheaded advice emitting from the USDA, American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, and the Surgeon … Continue reading

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Fat Head, Wheat belly, and the Adventures of Ancel Keys

Here’s another great clip from Tom Naughton’s documentary, Fat Head, describing the colossal mistakes made in “official” dietary advice, starting with the blunders of Dr. Ancel Keyes : I’d be crying if Tom Naughton didn’t make me laugh so hard.

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Fat Head: Tom Naughton’s manifesto for low-carb eating

I just got back from Jimmy Moore‘s low-carb cruise to the Bahamas. Among the many interesting people I met on the cruise was the creator of the documentary film, Fat Head, Tom Naughton. Tom brings both creative insights into low-carbohydrate … Continue reading

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Oatmeal: Good or bad?

You’ve heard it before: oatmeal reduces cholesterol. Oatmeal producers have obtained permission from the FDA to use a cholesterol-reducing claim. The American Heart Association provides a (paid) endorsement of Quaker Oats. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve asked someone … Continue reading

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Mustard: Super health food?

Could mustard–yes, the yellow condiment you smear on hot dogs–be a super heart healthy food in disguise? Consider that mustard contains: Vinegar Turmeric No appreciable sugar The vinegar slows gastric emptying, resulting in slower absorption of any carbohydrates and a … Continue reading

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