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Is Cocoa Puffs no longer heart healthy?

Until recently, Cocoa Puffs enjoyed the endorsement of the American Heart Association (AHA) as a heart-healthy food. For a price, the AHA will allow food manufacturers to affix a heart “check mark” signifying endorsement by the AHA as conforming to … Continue reading

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Fractures and vitamin D

This is a bit off topic, but it’s such an interesting observation that I’d like to pass it on. Over the past several years, there have been inevitable bone fractures: People slip on ice, for instance, and fracture a wrist … Continue reading

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T3 for accelerating weight loss

Supplementation of the thyroid hormone, T3, is an underappreciated means to lose weight. Thyroid health, in general, is extremely important for weight control, since even subtle low thyroid hormone levels can result in weight gain. The first step in achieving … Continue reading

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The world according to the Wheat Foods Council and the Whole Grains Council

You might get a kick out of what the Wheat Foods Council and the Whole Grains Council recommend for a sample meal plan: Breakfast: Whole grain raisin toast Lunch: Sandwich on whole grainSnack: Rye bread crackersDinner: Whole grain pasta with your favorite sauceBreakfast: Whole … Continue reading

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Plant-based or animal-based?

The ideal diet for heart and overall health restricts carbohydrate intake. I say this because carbohydrates: Make you fat–Carbohydrates increase visceral fat, in particular. Increase triglyceridesReduce HDLIncrease small LDL particlesIncrease glycation of LDLIncrease blood pressureIncrease c-reactive protein Reducing carbohydrates reverses … Continue reading

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Fat is not the demon

So my patient, Dane, generously volunteered to be on the Dr. Oz show, as I discussed previously. What we didn’t know, nor did the producer who contacted us mention, that Dane would be counseled by low-fat guru Dr. Dean Ornish … Continue reading

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Glucophobia: The Novel

Just kidding: No novel here. However, there is indeed a story to tell that should scare the pants off you. If you haven’t yet gathered that carbohydrates are a macronutrient nightmare, let me recount the list: Carbohydrates increase small LDL … Continue reading

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Drama with the Dr. Oz Show

A producer from the Dr. Oz show recently contacted my office. They asked whether we could supply them with a volunteer patient from either my practice or the Track Your Plaque program who would be willing to appear on the … Continue reading

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Response from Nature Made

Here’s the response from Nature Made when I emailed them about my concern that there appears to be no vitamin D in their vitamin D gelcaps. It is the usually CYA corporate-speak that says nothing. The grammatical errors make it … Continue reading

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What to Eat: The diet is defined by small LDL

I approach diet from the perspective of small LDL particles. Small LDL particles have exploded in frequency and severity in Americans. It is not at all uncommon to see 70% or more small LDL particles (i.e., 70% of total LDL … Continue reading

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