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Track Your Plaque reduces healthcare costs 35%

Allow me to wear my Track Your Plaque hat for this post. Mr. Richard Rawle is CEO of Utah company, Tosh, Inc. Mr. Rawle has been an avid follower of the Track Your Plaque program and has introduced the program … Continue reading

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In search of wheat

Many people ask: “How can wheat be bad if it’s in the Bible?” Wheat is indeed mentioned many times in the Bible, sometimes literally as bread, sometimes metaphorically for times of plenty or freedom from starvation. Moses declared the Promised … Continue reading

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Wheat starches are composed of polymers (repeating chains) of the sugar, glucose. 75% of wheat carbohydrate is the chain of branching glucose units, amylopectin, and 25% is the linear chain of glucose units, amylose. Both amylopectin and amylose are digested … Continue reading

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Emmer, einkorn, and agribusiness

10,000 years ago, Neolithic humans did not obtain wheat products from the bagel shop, grocery store, or Krispy Kreme. They obtained wheat by locating a nearby wild-growing field of wild emmer or einkorn wheat grass, then harvesting it with their … Continue reading

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Near-death experience with nattokinase

This is a true story that I personally witnessed. A 60-some year old man heard that nattokinase “thinned the blood.” So he had been taking it for the past 6 months. One week before he came to see me, he … Continue reading

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Blame the gluten?

Wheat is among the most destructive components of the human diet, a food that is responsible for inflammatory disease, diabetes, heart disease, several forms of intestinal diseases, schizophrenia, bipolar illness, ADHD, behavioral outbursts in autistic children . . . just … Continue reading

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Glycemic gobbledygook

The concept of glycemic index is meant to help determine what foods raise blood sugar a lot vs. what foods raise blood sugar a little. Dr. Jennie Brand-Miller’s searchable database can be found here. I have to admit that glycemic … Continue reading

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Man walks after removing wheat

No, this isn’t some National Enquirer headline like “Woman delivers alien baby.” Tom is a 26-year old man with a complex medical condition, a malformation he was born with and has had reconstructed. Aside from this, he leads a normal … Continue reading

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AGEing gracefully

Advanced Glycation End-products, or AGEs, have the potential to change our entire conversation about diet. AGEs come from two principal sources: 1) Endogenous–Glucose-protein interactions that arise from high blood glucose levels 2) Exogenous–From diet The first is sensitive to glucose … Continue reading

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Small LDL: Simple vs. complex carbohydrates

Joseph is a whip-smart corporate attorney, but one who accepts advice at his own pace. He likes to explore and consider each step of the advice I give him. Starting (NMR) lipoprotein panel on no treatment or diet change: LDL … Continue reading

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