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How to have a heart attack in 10 easy steps

If you would like to plan a heart attack in your future, here are some easy-to-follow steps to get you there in just a few short months or years: 1) Follow a low-fat diet. 2) Replace fat calories with “healthy … Continue reading

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Life without Lipitor

One of the most common reasons people come to my office is to correct high cholesterol values without Lipitor. (Substitute “Lipitor” with Crestor, simvastatin, Vytorin, or any of the other cholesterol drugs; it’s much the same.) In the world of … Continue reading

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In search of wheat: Emmer

While einkorn is a 14-chromosome ancient wheat (containing the so-called “A” genome), emmer is a 28-chromosome wheat (containing the “A” and “B” genomes, the “B” likely contributed by goat grass 9000 years ago). Both einkorn and emmer originally grew wild … Continue reading

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In search of wheat: Another einkorn experience

Lisa is a trained dietitian. Unlike many of her colleagues, she has “seen the light” and realized that the conventional advice that most dietitians are forced to dispense through hospitals, clinics, and other facilities is just plain wrong.  I know … Continue reading

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Increased blood calcium and vitamin D

Conventional advice tells us to supplement calcium, 1200 mg per day, to preserve bone health and reduce blood pressure. Here’s a curious observation I’ve now witnessed a number of times: Some people who supplement this dose of calcium while also … Continue reading

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Heart health consultation with Dr. Joe D. Goldstrich

Cardiologist, nutritionist, and lipidologist, Dr. Joe D. Goldstrich, is a frequent contributor to the Track Your Plaque Forum, where we discuss the full range of issues relevant to coronary health and coronary plaque reversal. I have come to value Dr. … Continue reading

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Wheat aftermath

Following my 4 oz whole wheat misadventure that yielded the sky-high blood sugar of 167 mg/dl, compared to einkorn wheat’s 110 mg/dl, I suffered through a 36-hour period of misery. After I obtained the blood sugar of 167 mg/dl, I … Continue reading

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In search of wheat: Einkorn and blood sugar

There are three basic aspects of wheat’s adverse health effects: immune activation (e.g., celiac disease), neurologic implications (e.g., schizophrenia and ADHD), and blood sugar effects. Among the questions I’d like answered is whether ancient wheat, such as the einkorn grain … Continue reading

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In search of wheat: We bake einkorn bread

With the assistance of dietitian and health educator, Margaret Pfeiffer,MS RD CD, author of Smart 4 Your Heart and very capable chef and breadmaker (previously, before she gave up wheat), we made a loaf of bread using Eli Rogosa’s einkorn … Continue reading

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Ezekiel said what?

Some people are reluctant to give up wheat because it is talked about in the Bible. But the wheat of the Bible is not the same as the wheat of today. (See In search of wheat and Emmer, einkorn and … Continue reading

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