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No more Lovaza

That’s it: I will NEVER ever write another prescription for Lovaza. I actually very rarely write a prescription for Lovaza, i.e., prescription fish oil. But this was the last straw. I advised a patient that we’ve had good success using … Continue reading

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This is your brain on wheat II

In the original Heart Scan Blog post, This is your brain on wheat, I discussed how opioid peptides (i.e., small proteins that act like opiates such as heroine or morphine) that result from digestion of wheat cause unique effects on … Continue reading

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There’s no such thing as a “no-carb” diet

When I tell patients how I advise a wheat-free, cornstarch-free, sugar-free diet on the background of a low-carbohydrate diet, some people ask: “But can I live on a no-carb diet?” Well, there’s no such thing as a “no-carb” diet. Low-carb, … Continue reading

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Why doesn’t your doctor try to CURE diabetes?

Imagine you have breast cancer. You go to your doctor and she says, “As your pain worsens, we’ll help you with pain medication. We’ll fit you with a special bra to accommodate the tumor as it grows. That’s all we’re … Continue reading

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LDL pattern B

Here’s a Q&A I stumbled on in the Forum of MedHelp, where people obtain answers from presumed health “experts.” Question:My VAP test results in July 07 identified an LDL Pattern B. Overall results: Total 150 HDL 75 LDL 61 Trig … Continue reading

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What increases blood sugar more than wheat?

Take a look at these glycemic indexes (GI): White bread 69Whole wheat bread 72Sucrose 59Mars bar 68White rice 72Brown rice 66 I’ve made issue in past of whole wheat’s high GI–higher than white bread. Roughly in the same glycemic league … Continue reading

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China fiction?

Dr. Colin Campbell caused a stir with publication of his 2005 book, The China Study. Dr. Campbell, after extensive animal and epidemiologic research conducted in China over 20 years, concluded that a diet high in animal protein, especially casein, was … Continue reading

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Carbohydrate-LDL double whammy

Carbohydrates in the diet trigger formation of small LDL particles. Because carbohydrates, such as products made from wheat, increase triglycerides and triglyceride-containing lipoproteins (chylomicrons, chylomicron remnants, VLDL, and IDL), LDL particles (NOT LDL cholesterol) become triglyceride-enriched. Triglyceride-enriched LDL particles are … Continue reading

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To lose weight, prick your finger

We know that foods that trigger insulin lead to fat storage. Putting a stop to this process allows you to mobilize fat and lose weight. If you’re starting out from scratch, rapid and dramatic weight loss can be experienced, as … Continue reading

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Iodine update

As the iodine experience grows, I’ve made several unique observations. Up to several times per day, I see people who are responding in some positive way to iodine supplementation. (See previous Heart Scan Blog posts about iodine: Iodine deficiency is … Continue reading

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