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The ultimate insurance company cost savings

I had a very disturbing conversation with a physician who is employed by an insurance company last week. I admitted a patient in the hospital for very clear-cut reasons. She is one of my few non-compliant patients, doing none of the … Continue reading

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Salvation from halogenation

Iodine is a halogen. On the periodic table of elements (remember the big chart of the elements in science class?), the ingenious table that lays out all known atomic elements, elements with similar characteristics are listed in the same column. … Continue reading

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One of the things I do in practice is consult in complex hyperlipidemias, the collection of lipoprotein disorders that usually, but not always, lead to atherosclerosis. First order of business: Make the diagnosis–familial combined hyperlipidemia, hypoalphalipoproteinemia, lipoprotein(a), familial heterozygous hypercholesterolemia, … Continue reading

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Robb Wolf’s new Paleo Solution

The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet I have to say: I’m impressed. If you would like insight into why a “Paleo” nutritional approach works on a biochemical level–why you lose weight, burn fat, and gain overall better health–then Robb’s … Continue reading

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Human foie gras

If you want to make foie gras, you feed ducks and geese copious quantities of grains, such as corn and wheat. The carbohydrate-rich diet causes fat deposition in the liver via processes such as de novo lipogenesis, the conversion of … Continue reading

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Let go of my love handles

When is fat not just fat? When it’s visceral fat. Visceral fat is the fat that infiltrates the intestinal lining, the liver, kidneys, even your heart. It’s the stuff of love handles, the flabby fat that hangs over your belt, … Continue reading

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Surviving a widow maker

Gwen came to me 5 years ago. In her late 60s, she’d been having feelings of chest pressure for the past 4 weeks with small physical efforts, such as climbing a flight of stairs or lifting her grandchildren. She sat … Continue reading

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Fred Hahn’s Slow Burn

I just had a workout with personal trainer and fitness expert, Fred Hahn. After a workout that quickly taught me that I had a lot to learn about exercise and strength training, Fred and I had a nice low-carbohydrate dinner … Continue reading

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Can I stop my Coumadin?

Here I go again. While I will try to keep this blog on topic, i.e., coronary heart disease prevention and reversal using nutritional and other natural strategies, I believe that a “critical mass” of frequently asked, though off topic, questions … Continue reading

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Homegrown osteoporosis prevention and reversal

I don’t like to stray too far off course from discussions of heart disease and related issues in this blog. But the question of bone health comes up so often that I thought I’d discuss the strategies available to everybody … Continue reading

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