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Coronary calcium: Cause or effect?

Here’s an interesting observation made by a British research group. We all know that coronary calcium, as measured by CT heart scans, are a surrogate measure of atherosclerotic plaque “burden,” i.e., an indirect yardstick for coronary plaque. The greater the … Continue reading

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Wheat one-liners

If you’re having difficulty convincing a loved one or someone else that wheat should be eliminated from the human diet, here are some useful one-liners to use: Wheat makes your boobs big. (This is true. Priceless for women to use … Continue reading

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The happy homeotherm

If you were a “cold blooded” poikilotherm unable to regulate internal body temperature, you would have to sun yourself on rocks to raise your body temperature, just like turtles and snakes. When it got cold, your metabolic rate would slow … Continue reading

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Statin buster?

Merck recently reported preliminary results with its drug-in-development, anacetrapib. After six months of treatment, participants showed: LDL cholesterol was reduced from 81 mg/dl to 45 mg/dl in those taking anacetrapib, and from 82 mg/dl to 77 mg/dl in the placebo … Continue reading

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Why does wheat cause arthritis?

Wheat causes arthritis. Before you say “What the hell is he saying now?”, let me connect the dots on how this ubiquitous dietary ingredient accelerates the path to arthritis in its many forms. 1) Wheat causes glycation–Glycation is glucose-modification of … Continue reading

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Why do morphine-blocking drugs make you lose weight?

Naloxone (IV) and naltrexone (oral) are drugs that block the action of morphine. If you were an inner city heroine addict and got knifed during a drug deal, you’d be dragged into the local emergency room. You’re high, irrational, and … Continue reading

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Heart scan tomfoolery 2

In the last Heart Scan Blog post, I discussed the significance of the apparent discrepancy between Steve’s heart scan score and volume score. This post addresses his second question, also a FAQ about heart scan scores. Steve noted that his … Continue reading

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Heart scan tomfoolery

Heart Scan Blog reader, Steve, sent these interesting questions about his heart scan experience. (I sometimes forget that this blog is called “The Heart Scan Blog” and was originally–several years ago–meant to discuss heart scans. It has evolved to become … Continue reading

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Can I see your linea alba?

As more and more people are eliminating wheat from their diet and losing their “wheat bellies,” i.e., the muffin top around their waists along with the visceral fat beneath, I am frequently seeing something I haven’t seen in years: the … Continue reading

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