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Diarrhea, asthma, arthritis–What is your wheat re-exposure syndrome?

Have you experienced a wheat re-exposure syndrome? As I recently discussed, gastrointestinal distress–cramps, gas, diarrhea–is the most common “syndrome” that results from re-exposure to wheat after a period of elimination. Others experience asthma, sinus congestion and infections, mental “fogginess” and … Continue reading

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The best fish oil

The best fish oils available are the liquid forms. Contrary to many people’s expectations, the best liquid fish oils have no fishy odor or taste. I use a lot of liquid fish oils because of the higher doses we use … Continue reading

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What do Salmonella, E coli, and bread have in common?

Say you happen to eat some chicken fingers contaminated with bacteria because the 19-year old kid behind the counter failed to wash his hands after using the toilet, or because the kitchen is poorly managed with unwashed counters and cutting … Continue reading

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Heroin, Oxycontin, and a whole wheat bagel

For a substantial proportion of people who remove wheat from their diet, there is a distinct and unpleasant withdrawal syndrome. Here are the comments of Heart Scan Blog reader, Scott, from Texas: Hello Dr. Davis, I’ve been experimenting with diet, … Continue reading

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The five most powerful heart disease prevention strategies

You’ve seen such lists before: 5 steps to prevent heart disease or some such thing. These lists usually say things like “cut your saturated fat,” eat a “balanced diet” (whatever the heck that means), exercise, and don’t smoke. I would … Continue reading

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Topping up your vitamin D tank

Now that my vitamin D replacement experience dates back nearly 5 years, I’ve been witnessing an unusual phenomenon: The longer you take vitamin D, the less you need. Let me explain. You take 10,000 units D3 in gelcap form. 25-hydroxy … Continue reading

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Thirteen catheterizations later

When I first met her, Janet couldn’t stop sobbing. She’d just been through her 10th heart catheterization in two years. It started with chest pains at age 56, prompting her first heart catheterization that uncovered severe atherosclerotic blockages in all … Continue reading

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High blood pressure vanquished

Heart Scan Blog reader, Eric, related his blood pressure success story to me: I’m 34 and have been battling chronic hypertension (systolic 150-200, depending on my anxiety levels) even with multiple prescriptions for over a decade now. I’ve seen four … Continue reading

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DHEA and Lp(a)

DHEA supplementation is among my favorite ways to deal with the often-difficult lipoprotein(a), Lp(a). DHEA is a testosterone-like adrenal hormone that declines with age, such that a typical 70-year old has blood levels around 10% that of a youthful person. … Continue reading

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No more cookies

Jeanne enjoyed her Christmas holidays. She especially liked sharing the cookies she made for her grandchildren, sneaking 2 or 3 every day over a couple of weeks. On top of this, she enjoyed the Christmas candy, egg nog, leftover stuffing … Continue reading

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