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The formula for aortic valve disease?

I’ve discussed this question before: Can aortic valve stenosis be stopped or reversed using a regimen of nutritional supplements? I had a striking experience this past week. Don has coronary plaque and began the Track Your Plaque program. However, discovery … Continue reading

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Blood glucose 160

What happens when blood glucose hits 160 mg/dl? A blood glucose at this level is typical after, say, a bowl of slow-cooked oatmeal with no added sugar, a small serving of Cheerios, or even an apple in the ultra carb-sensitive. … Continue reading

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Indian buffet

I took my family to a local all-you-can-eat Indian buffet. It was delicious. I confined my food choices mostly to vegetables and soups. Within about 30 minutes, I started to get that odd buzz in my head that usually signals … Continue reading

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American Heart Association diet makes a monkey out of you

Heart Scan Blog reader, Roger, brought this New York Times article to my attention. In an effort to develop a better experimental model for obesity than mice, scientists have turned to monkeys and other primates. The emerging observations are eerily … Continue reading

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Construct your glucose curve

In a previous Heart Scan Blog post, I discussed how to make use of postprandial (after-meal) blood sugars to reduce triglycerides, reduce small LDL, increase HDL, reduce blood pressure and inflammatory measures, and accelerate weight loss. In that post, I … Continue reading

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Why is type 1 diabetes on the rise?

Type 1 diabetes, also called “childhood” or “insulin-dependent” diabetes, is on the rise. Type 2 diabetes, or “adult,” diabetes, is also sharply escalating. But the causes for this are easy-to-identify: overconsumption of carbohydrates and resultant weight gain/obesity, inactivity, as well … Continue reading

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Apo E4 and sterols: Lethal combination?

Phytosterols, or just “sterols” to its friends and neighbors, are a group of cholesterol-like compounds that are abundant in the plant world. Lately, however, sterols have proliferated in the processed food supply, thanks to the observation that sterols reduce LDL … Continue reading

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As I suggested in a previous Heart Scan Blog post, a glucose meter is your best tool to:1) Lose weight2) Cure diabetes3) Reduce or eliminate small LDL particles4) Achieve anti-aging or age-slowing effects But it means getting hold of a … Continue reading

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Diarrhea, runny noses, and rage: Poll results

Here are the results of the week-long poll asking the question: Have you experienced a wheat re-exposure syndrome? Yes, undesirable gastrointestinal effects 223 (41%) Yes, asthma or sinus problems 51 (9%) Yes, joint pains and/or swelling 85 (15%) Yes, emotional … Continue reading

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A carpenter is only as good as his tools

A carpenter wouldn’t build a house using just his bare hands. You shouldn’t stumble your way through nutritional blunders without the proper tools to guide you. Best tool to lose weight: Best tool to cure diabetes: Best tool to reduce … Continue reading

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