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Wheat brain

Among the most common effects of wheat are those on the brain. Consume wheat and susceptible individuals will experience a subtle euphoria. Others experience mental cloudiness or sleepiness. (This is what I personally get.) It gets worse. Children with ADHD … Continue reading

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The Westman Diet

Dr. Eric Westman has been a vocal proponent of carbohydrate restriction to gain control over diabetes, as have Drs. Richard Bernstein, Mary Vernon, Richard Feinman, and Jeff Volek. Several studies over the years have demonstrated that reductions in carbohydrate content … Continue reading

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Handy dandy carb index

There are a number of ways to gauge your dietary carbohydrate exposure and its physiologic consequences. One of my favorite ways is to do fingerstick blood sugars for a one-hour postprandial glucose. I like this because it provides real-time feedback … Continue reading

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Battery acid and oatmeal

Ever notice the warnings on your car’s battery? “Danger: Sulfuric acid. Protective eyewear advised. Serious injury possible.” Sulfuric acid is among the most powerful and potentially harmful acids known. Get even a dilute quantity in your eyes and you will … Continue reading

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Chocolate peanut butter cup smoothie

Here’s a simple recipe for chocolate peanut butter cup smoothie. The coconut milk, nut butter, and flaxseed make this smoothie exceptionally filling. If you are a fan of cocoa flavonoids for reducing blood pressure, then this provides a wallop. Approximately … Continue reading

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Letter from the insurance company

Claudia got this letter from her health insurance company: Dear Ms. ——, Based on a recent review of your cholesterol panel of January 12, 2011, we feel that you should strongly consider speaking to your doctor about cholesterol treatment. Reducing … Continue reading

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Healthy smoothies

I’ve now seen several people who have either caused themselves to be diabetic or to have other phenomena associated with excessive consumption of carbohydrates, all by innocently indulging in a carbohydrate-packed smoothie every morning. Kay, for instance, has a smoothie … Continue reading

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Insulin secretagogue

Dairy products have the peculiar property of triggering pancreatic release of insulin. The research group at Lund University in Sweden have contributed the most to documenting this phenomenon: Mean (±SEM) incremental changes (?) in serum insulin in response to equal … Continue reading

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Be gluten-free without “gluten-free”

While I’ve discussed this before, it is such a confusing issue that I’d like to discuss it again. I advocate wheat elimination because consumption of products made from modern dwarf Triticum aestivum: –Triggers formation of extravagant quantities of small LDL … Continue reading

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Diabetes: Better than hedge funds

Diabetes is where the action is. While, for virtually all of history, type 2 diabetes was an uncommon condition of adults, the disease has spread so much to all levels of American society that even kids are now developing the … Continue reading

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