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Real men don’t eat carbs

Real men don’t eat carbs. At least they don’t eat them without eventually paying the price. How do carbohydrates, especially those contained in “healthy whole grains,” impair maleness? Several ways: –Consume carbohydrates, especially the exceptional glucose-increasing amylopectin A from wheat, … Continue reading

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Why do the Japanese have less heart disease?

We should look to the Japanese to teach us a few lessons about preventing heart disease. A Japanese male has only 65% of the risk of an American male (despite 40% of Japanese men being smokers), while a Japanese woman … Continue reading

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Niacin: What forms are safe?

Niacin, or vitamin B3, remains a confusing issue for many people. It shouldn’t be. It doesn’t help that most physicians and many pharmacists also do not understand the basic issues surrounding niacin. The only reason why there is any level … Continue reading

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What are “normal” triglycerides?

Among the most neglected yet enormously helpful values on any standard cholesterol panel is the triglyceride value. Triglycerides traverse the bloodstream by hitching a ride on water (serum)-soluble lipoproteins, or lipid-carrying proteins. We measure triglycerides as an indirect index of triglyceride-containing … Continue reading

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1985: The Year of Whole Grains

In 1985, the National Cholesterol Education Panel delivered its Adult Treatment Panel guidelines to Americans, advice to cut cholesterol intake, reduce saturated fat, and increase “healthy whole grains” to reduce the incidence of heart attack and other cardiovascular events. Per … Continue reading

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Have some more

Wheat, via exorphin effects, is an appetite stimulant. Eat a whole wheat bagel or bran muffin, you want another. You also want more of other foods. You also want something to eat every two hours due to widely-swinging insulin-glucose responses: … Continue reading

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When MIGHT statins be helpful?

I spend a lot of my day bashing statin drugs and helping people get rid of them. But are there instances in which statin drugs do indeed provide real advantage? If someone follows the diet I’ve articulated in these posts … Continue reading

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The New Track Your Plaque Guide now available

The New Track Your Plaque Guide is now available! The Track Your Plaque program has evolved over its 8 year history. While the original Track Your Plaque book reflected the program details that got the program started back in 2003-2004, … Continue reading

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Don’t wet yourself

While there is more to wheat’s adverse effects on human health than celiac disease, studying celiac disease provides important insights into why and how wheat–the gluten component of wheat, in this case–is so destructive to human health. Modern wheat, in … Continue reading

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