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Dreamfields pasta is wheat

An active question on the blogosphere and elsewhere is whether Dreamfields pasta is truly low-carb. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt of Diet Doctor detailed his high blood glucose experience with it. Jimmy Moore of Livin’ La Vida Low Carb had a similar experience, observing … Continue reading

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Bet you can’t fast

People who continue to consume the world’s most destructive grain, i.e., wheat, can rarely endure fasting–not eating for an extended period–except by mustering up monumental willpower. That’s because wheat is a powerful appetite stimulant through its 2-hour cycle of exaggerated glycemia … Continue reading

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Total cholesterol 220

Talking about total cholesterol is like wearing a tie-dyed t-shirt with the peace sign emblazoned on the front: So totally 60s and out of date. But talk of total cholesterol somehow keeps on coming back. After I spend 45 minutes … Continue reading

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Scientists are freakin’ liars

So says Tom Naughton, referring to the frequent misinterpretations or misrepresentations of data that characterize much medical research. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt posted Tom Naughton’s recent wonderfully engaging and hilarious talk from Jimmy Moore’s Low-Carb Cruise on his Diet Doctor blog. Comedian and … Continue reading

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Tell me your wheat elimination story and receive a copy of my new book, Wheat Belly

I’m looking for interesting wheat-free experiences. For the past year, I have been writing my new book, Wheat Belly . After many, many late nights and soccer games missed, it’s now finished. The book will be out in fall, 2011, to … Continue reading

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