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Bread equals sugar

Bread, gluten-free or gluten-containing, in terms of carbohydrate content, is equivalent to sugar. Two slices of store-bought whole grain bread, such as the gluten-free bread I discussed in my last post, equals 5- 6 teaspoons of table sugar:     … Continue reading

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Gluten-free carbohydrate mania

Here’s a typical gluten-free product, a whole grain bread mix. “Whole grain,” of course, suggests high-fiber, high nutrient composition, and health.                 What’s it made of? Here’s the ingredient list: Cornstarch, Tapioca Starch, … Continue reading

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Gluten-free is going DOWN

The majority of gluten-free foods are junk foods. People with celiac disease experience intestinal destruction and a multitude of other inflammatory conditions due to an immune response gone haywire. The disease  is debilitating and can be fatal unless all gliadin/gluten … Continue reading

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Normal cholesterol panel . . . no heart disease?

I often hear this comment: “I have a normal cholesterol panel. So I have low risk for heart disease, right?” While there’s a germ of truth in the statement, there are many exceptions. Having “normal” cholesterol values is far from … Continue reading

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Idiot farm

The notion of genetic modification of foods and livestock is a contentious issue. The purposeful insertion or deletion of a gene into a plant or animal’s genome to yield specific traits, such as herbicide resistance, nutritional composition, or size, prompted … Continue reading

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Eat triglycerides

Dietary fats, from olive oil to cocoa butter to beef tallow, are made of triglycerides. Triglycerides are simply three (“tri-”) fatty acids attached to a glycerol backbone. Glycerol is a simple 3-carbon molecule that readily binds fatty acids. Fatty acids, … Continue reading

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You’ve come a long way, baby

In 1945, the room-sized ENIAC vacuum tube computer was first turned on, women began to smoke openly in public, and a US postal stamp cost three cents. And this was the US government’s advice on healthy eating:             … Continue reading

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Fasting with green tea

I’ve been playing around with brief (18-24 hour) fasts with the use of green tea. Of the several variations on fasting, such as juice “fasts,”  I’ve been most impressed with the green tea experience. While the weight loss effects of … Continue reading

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