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Just who is “Real Facts 2000″?

This is an example of what seems to be developing over at, posted as a “book review”: The author has no credentials, no credibility, just a small cult of terribly misinformed followers. Don’t be fooled by the high volume … Continue reading

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Almonds are the new wheat

Once you eliminate this genetically-altered Frankengrain called modern wheat, the diet should center around vegetables, nuts, healthy oils like olive and coconut, fish, meats, cheese, olives, avocados and other real whole foods. This is, in fact, the diet that I … Continue reading

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Being regular is dangerous to your health

No, I’m not referring to your daily morning ritual in the bathroom. I’m talking about heart rate. Counterintuitively, a perfectly regular heart rate is a marker of poor health. People with perfect regularity of heart rate have more heart attacks, … Continue reading

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You mean weight loss is hazardous to your health?

In my last Heart Scan Blog post, What is this wacky thing called weight loss?, I discussed how weight loss is associated with distortions in cholesterol and blood sugar values that can be very confusing, often leading your doctor to … Continue reading

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What is this wacky thing called “weight loss”?

I’ve discussed this before, but it has proven such an (encouragingly!) frequent issue that I thought it was worth discussing once again. What happens when you lose weight? The process of weight loss is characterized by multiple shifts in metabolic … Continue reading

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Why small LDL particles are the #1 cause of heart disease in the US

Ask your doctor: What is the #1 cause of heart disease in the US? Let’s put aside smoking, since it is an eminently modifiable risk and none of those crazies read this blog anyway. What will your doctor say? Most … Continue reading

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Even moore from Jimmy Moore

The ubiquitous and irrepressible Jimmy Moore posted even more commentary about the Wheat Belly phenomenon here, what he calls “The Wheat Belly Bonanza.” Is low-carb really, at its core, little more than elimination of wheat? Sure, corn, rice, and sugar … Continue reading

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Heart Scans: An Interview with Jimmy Moore

My friend, Jimmy Moore, of The Livin’ La Vida Low Carb Show, posted this video of an interview I did with him. I provide some background on how heart scanning came about and how it led to the creation of … Continue reading

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Wheat Belly #5 on New York Times Bestseller list!

The New York Times just released its bestseller list due for release September 18th, 2011 . . . . Wheat Belly is #5!! (That darned Jane Fonda woman elbowed me out for the #4 spot!

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Interview with Jimmy Moore of Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb

Here’s my podcast interview with Jimmy Moore, host of the Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show. (If you want to fast forward to the interview, go to time marker 41:20 on the slidebar.) In the podcast, I talk about how the … Continue reading

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