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Chocolate . . . for adults only

If you’ve got a serious chocolate addiction and you’d like to make it as healthy as possible, give this X-rated dark chocolate a try. I call it X-rated because it is certain to not satisfy young, sugar-craving palates, but is … Continue reading

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“Friday is my bad day”

At the start, Ted had a ton of small LDL particles. His starting (NMR) lipoprotien values: LDL particle number: 2644 nmol/L Small LDL: 2301 nmol/L In other words, approximately 85% of all LDL particles were abnormally small. I showed Ted how … Continue reading

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HDL 80 mg/dl

More and more people in my clinic are showing HDL cholesterol values of 80 mg/dl or higher, males included. Think about it: Nationwide, average HDL for males is 42 mg/dl and for females 52 mg/dl. Even though these average values … Continue reading

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