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Back to basics: Coronary calcium

After having my attentions pulled a thousand different directions these past 6 months, with the release of Wheat Belly and all the wonderful media attention it has attracted, I’ve decided to pick up here with a series of discussions about … Continue reading

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Myocardial infraction

I’ve seen a few heart attacks this past year . . . but none in the people who follow this program. I saw a heart attack in a priest, a wonderful man who was unable to say “no” to his … Continue reading

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Diet is superior to drugs

Might-o’chondri-AL left this wonderful record of his lipoprotein experience in the comments to the last Heart Scan Blog post. It is a great example of what is achievable with diet and a few supplements . . . without drugs. (A) … Continue reading

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Low-carb is heart healthy

Anybody following the discussions in these pages know that: Limiting carbohydrate intake reduces risk for coronary heart disease and heart attack. First of all, why do conventional diets advocate restricting saturated and total fat? From the standpoint of surrogate markers … Continue reading

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Mocha Walnut Brownies

Richer than a cookie, heavier than a muffin, brownies are ordinarily an indulgence that leaves you ashamed of your lack of restraint. Have one . .  . or two or three, and you will surely pack on a pound of … Continue reading

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