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Green Tea Ginger Orange Bread

How about all the health benefits of green tea in wheat-free bread form, spiced up with the magical combined flavors of ginger and orange? Frequent consumption of green tea accelerates loss of visceral (“wheat belly”) fat, increases HDL and reduces … Continue reading

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Chocolate Bomb Bars

These healthy bars will blast you with chocolate from several directions! Look for cacao nibs in health food stores, Whole Foods Market, or at If unavailable, the bars are still delicious without them. These bars contain around 4-5 grams … Continue reading

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An iodine primer

What if your diet is perfect–no wheat, no junk carbohydrates like that from corn or sugars, you are physically active–yet you fail to lose weight? Or you hit a plateau after an initial loss? First think iodine. Iodine is an … Continue reading

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