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Diet: One size does NOT fit all

Heart Scan Blog reader, Frustrated, posted this comment: Dr. Davis, I have spent the last 5 months eating a diet that completely eliminated all wheat products. It was very low carb, and consisted of relatively high protein (eggs, grass fed … Continue reading

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The exception to low-carb

I witness spectacular results restricting carbohydrates, both in the office as well as in my online experiences, such as those in Track Your Plaque. Of course, the diet I advocate is not just low-carb; it starts with elimination of wheat … Continue reading

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Apo E4 and sterols: Lethal combination?

Phytosterols, or just “sterols” to its friends and neighbors, are a group of cholesterol-like compounds that are abundant in the plant world. Lately, however, sterols have proliferated in the processed food supply, thanks to the observation that sterols reduce LDL … Continue reading

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