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The best artificial sweeteners

Our new recipes, such as New York Style Cheesecake and Chocolate Coconut Bread, are wheat-free and low- or no-carbohydrate. They fit perfectly into the New Track Your Plaque Diet for gaining control over coronary atherosclerotic plaque, not to mention diabetes, … Continue reading

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Sugar Nation

Former Men’s Health editor, Jeff O’Connell, has just released his new book, Sugar Nation. Back in 2009, Jeff contacted me to obtain some background insights into diabetes and its relationship with diet. He recently sent me a copy of his … Continue reading

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Can I eat quinoa?

. . . or beans, or brown rice, or sweet potatoes? Or how about amaranth, sorghum, oats, and buckwheat? Surely corn on the cob is okay! These are, of course, non-wheat carbohydrates. They lack several crucial undesirable ingredients found in … Continue reading

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Blood glucose 160

What happens when blood glucose hits 160 mg/dl? A blood glucose at this level is typical after, say, a bowl of slow-cooked oatmeal with no added sugar, a small serving of Cheerios, or even an apple in the ultra carb-sensitive. … Continue reading

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Indian buffet

I took my family to a local all-you-can-eat Indian buffet. It was delicious. I confined my food choices mostly to vegetables and soups. Within about 30 minutes, I started to get that odd buzz in my head that usually signals … Continue reading

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Construct your glucose curve

In a previous Heart Scan Blog post, I discussed how to make use of postprandial (after-meal) blood sugars to reduce triglycerides, reduce small LDL, increase HDL, reduce blood pressure and inflammatory measures, and accelerate weight loss. In that post, I … Continue reading

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As I suggested in a previous Heart Scan Blog post, a glucose meter is your best tool to:1) Lose weight2) Cure diabetes3) Reduce or eliminate small LDL particles4) Achieve anti-aging or age-slowing effects But it means getting hold of a … Continue reading

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A carpenter is only as good as his tools

A carpenter wouldn’t build a house using just his bare hands. You shouldn’t stumble your way through nutritional blunders without the proper tools to guide you. Best tool to lose weight: Best tool to cure diabetes: Best tool to reduce … Continue reading

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A glycation rock and a hard place

Advanced Glycation End-products, or AGEs, the stuff of aging that mucks up brains, kidneys, and arteries, develop via two different routes: endogenous (from within the body) and exogenous (from outside the body). Endogenous AGEs develop via glycation. Glycation of proteins … Continue reading

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I lost 37 lbs with a fingerstick

Jack needed to lose weight. At 5 ft 7 inches, he weighed in at 273 lbs, putting his BMI at a sobering 42.8. (A BMI of 30 or above is classified as “obese.”) In addition to lipoprotein(a), Jack had an … Continue reading

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