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No high blood pressure

Primitive cultures that were, until recently, unexposed to the modern world, reveal some important insights into blood pressure. The Yanomamo of South American, the Xingu Indians of Brazil, rural Kenyans, and the natives of Papua, New Guinea have average blood … Continue reading

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Weight loss and blood pressure

Here’s another thought with regards to time issues with weight loss: reductions in blood pressure (BP). The previous post talked about how triglycerides initially go up, sometimes way up, when weight drops, only to be followed months later by substantial … Continue reading

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Melatonin for high blood pressure?

Melatonin is fascinating stuff. In addition to its use as a sleep aid, melatonin exerts possible effects on cardiovascular parameters, including anti-oxidative action on LDL, reduction in sympathetic (adrenaline-driven) tone, and reduction in blood pressure. Several studies document the blood … Continue reading

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Chocolate and blood pressure

A recent very detailed and clean study on the effects of a small serving of dark chocolate on blood pressure was just published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. I was going to do a little Blogging on … Continue reading

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Blood pressure with exercise

Here’s a frequently neglected cause for an increasing CT heart scan score: High blood pressure with exercise. Let me explain. Paul’s blood pressure at rest, sitting in the office or on arising in the morning, or at other relatively peaceful … Continue reading

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