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Back to basics: Coronary calcium

After having my attentions pulled a thousand different directions these past 6 months, with the release of Wheat Belly and all the wonderful media attention it has attracted, I’ve decided to pick up here with a series of discussions about … Continue reading

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How far wrong can cholesterol be?

Conventional thinking is that high LDL cholesterol causes heart disease. In this line of thinking, reducing cholesterol by cutting fat and taking statin drugs thereby reduces or eliminates risk for heart disease. Here’s an (extreme) example of just how far … Continue reading

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Coronary calcium: Cause or effect?

Here’s an interesting observation made by a British research group. We all know that coronary calcium, as measured by CT heart scans, are a surrogate measure of atherosclerotic plaque “burden,” i.e., an indirect yardstick for coronary plaque. The greater the … Continue reading

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Increased blood calcium and vitamin D

Conventional advice tells us to supplement calcium, 1200 mg per day, to preserve bone health and reduce blood pressure. Here’s a curious observation I’ve now witnessed a number of times: Some people who supplement this dose of calcium while also … Continue reading

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Calcium chaos

Imagine that I’m planning to build a wall of bricks. I start by throwing cement at a pile of bricks, hoping that it forms a nice, orderly brick wall. Fat chance, you say. I believe that is what appears to … Continue reading

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What role calcium supplements?

A frequent question in the Track Your Plaque program is whether taking calcium supplements to reduce risk for osteoporosis adds to calcium in arteries and raises CT heart scan scores. No, calcium supplementation does not add to coronary calcium. Thankfully, … Continue reading

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