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Why are heart attacks still happening?

I’m a cardiologist. I see patients with heart disease in the form of coronary artery disease every day. These are people who have undergone bypass surgery, received one or more stents or undergone other forms of angioplasty, have survived heart … Continue reading

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60-year old man dies of high cholesterol

Never saw a headline like this? Neither have I. That’s because it doesn’t happen. Cholesterol doesn’t harm, maim, or kill. It is simply used as a crude–very crude–marker. It is, in reality, a component of the body, of the cell … Continue reading

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Back to basics: Coronary calcium

After having my attentions pulled a thousand different directions these past 6 months, with the release of Wheat Belly and all the wonderful media attention it has attracted, I’ve decided to pick up here with a series of discussions about … Continue reading

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Thirteen catheterizations later

When I first met her, Janet couldn’t stop sobbing. She’d just been through her 10th heart catheterization in two years. It started with chest pains at age 56, prompting her first heart catheterization that uncovered severe atherosclerotic blockages in all … Continue reading

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Surviving a widow maker

Gwen came to me 5 years ago. In her late 60s, she’d been having feelings of chest pressure for the past 4 weeks with small physical efforts, such as climbing a flight of stairs or lifting her grandchildren. She sat … Continue reading

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The myth of mild coronary disease

I hear this comment from patients all the time: “They told me that I had only mild blockages and so I had nothing to worry about.” That’s one big lie. I guess I shouldn’t call it a lie. Is it … Continue reading

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Coronary arteries aren’t what they seem

Why do stress tests so often fail to detect coronary atherosclerotic plaque? Why do even heart catheterizations–the “gold standard”–fail to disclose the full extent of plaque within the walls of coronary arteries? We owe much of the explanation of these … Continue reading

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