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60-year old man dies of high cholesterol

Never saw a headline like this? Neither have I. That’s because it doesn’t happen. Cholesterol doesn’t harm, maim, or kill. It is simply used as a crude–very crude–marker. It is, in reality, a component of the body, of the cell … Continue reading

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Back to basics: Coronary calcium

After having my attentions pulled a thousand different directions these past 6 months, with the release of Wheat Belly and all the wonderful media attention it has attracted, I’ve decided to pick up here with a series of discussions about … Continue reading

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How far wrong can cholesterol be?

Conventional thinking is that high LDL cholesterol causes heart disease. In this line of thinking, reducing cholesterol by cutting fat and taking statin drugs thereby reduces or eliminates risk for heart disease. Here’s an (extreme) example of just how far … Continue reading

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Even mummies do it

Lady Rai, nursemaid to Queen Nefertari of Egypt, died in 1530 BC, somewhere between the age of 30 and 40 years. Her mummy is preserved in the Egyptian National museum of Antiquities in Cairo. A CT scan of her thoracic … Continue reading

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“You can’t reduce coronary plaque”

“I told my cardiologst that I stumbled on a program called ‘Track Your Plaque’ that claims to be able to help reduce your coronary calcium score. “My cardiologist said, ‘That’s impossible. You cannot reduce coronary plaque. I’ve never seen anyone … Continue reading

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Thank you, Crestor

I’m sure everyone by now has seen the Crestor ads run by drugmaker, AstraZeneca. TV ads, magazine ads, and the Crestor website all echoing the same message: “While I was busy building my life, something else was busy building in … Continue reading

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Plaquology: A new term. Plaquology: def: (plaque-: atherosclerotic plaque; -ology: study of.) The study of atherosclerotic plaque, originating in the early 21st century during the time period when the material underlying atherosclerosis gained recognition as a measure superior to “risk … Continue reading

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It’s all about plaque

Just to keep my finger on the pulse of what is being said in the world of heart disease by the media, I subscribe to many publications. Conversations abound about cholesterol, low-fat diets, now low-carb diets, not smoking, inflammation, etc. … Continue reading

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Plaque is like money

In case anyone missed this in the June, 2007 Track Your Plaque Newsletter, I’m again posting how we calculate the annual rate of score increase, should it occur. For instance, say your score in January, 2005, is 100. In November, … Continue reading

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