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Roger’s near-miss CT angiogram experience

Heart Scan Blog reader, Roger, described his near-miss experience with CT coronary angiograms. Hoping to obtain just a simple CT heart scan, he was bullied to get a CT coronary angiogram instead. Roger held strong and just asked for the … Continue reading

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CT coronary angiography is NOT a screening procedure

I’ve recently had several hospital employees tell me that their hospitals offered CT coronary angiograms without charge to their employees. Among these hospital employees were several women in their 30s and 40s. Why would young, asymptomatic, pre-menopausal women be subjected … Continue reading

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Mini-dose CTA?

I caught this little news report in the online edition of Canyon News , an LA paper, under the title Cedars-Sinai Develops Test to Prevent Heart Attacks . They report that Dr. Daniel S. Berman M.D., chief of Cardiac Imaging … Continue reading

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