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DHEA and Lp(a)

DHEA supplementation is among my favorite ways to deal with the often-difficult lipoprotein(a), Lp(a). DHEA is a testosterone-like adrenal hormone that declines with age, such that a typical 70-year old has blood levels around 10% that of a youthful person. … Continue reading

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Is DHEA dangerous?

The Fountain of Youth, Louis Cranach the Younger (1546) In the Track Your Plaque program, we sometimes use the adrenal hormone, DHEA. It is a fascinating and–surprisingly–an over-the-counter hormone that can be useful and safe when used properly. DHEA can … Continue reading

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What role DHEA?

DHEA, the adrenal gland hormone, has suffered its share of ups and downs over the years. Initially, DHEA was held up as the fountain of youth with hopes of turning back the clock 20 years. Such extravagant dreams have not … Continue reading

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